ok. i made this set because i want to rant (and could totally use some advice) about guys. sigh.


1. this guy told me he liked me over the summer. i didnt exactly tell him i liked him back (because i dont). the day after he tells me he doesnt talk to me. we havent talked since. i see him at school every day and wave but nothing more than that. even tho i dont like him he was still my friend and it makes me sad that we dont talk anymore :( should i talk to him? i dont really know what to say.... i just think he feels kinda, stepped on, u know? like he put himself out there and i didnt take him. you know. i feel like i should talk to him. i WANT to talk to him. i just dont know what to say.

2. this other guy. he was in my spanish class last year. were friends on facebook but we never really talked, and its going reaaaaallllyyy far to say that were friends. but anyway, he's in my spanish class again this year. he sits right next to me, and the whole class he's sitting sideways in his desk, so his body is completely facing me. its weird. but then he doesn't talk to me, which is because i guess he just doensnt have anything to say. but still. i kinda want him off my back.

and 3. over the summer this guy messaged me on facebook and told me i was beautiful. i was like well thats nice but ive never met you before in my life, i dont even have any idea who you are. so we talked for a little bit but i wasnt really into it, like i was trying to give him a chance but it just seemed so forced. and he kept talking to me on fb for a little bit, and now he's cyber stalking me kinda. he comments on all my posts and a bunch of my pictures and videos, and im like thanks for the interest but i dont knwo yoou?! and i saw him at school the other day he was kinda following me around at snack. he's creepin. blech.

yeah, thats it for now i guess. so if anyone has any advice i will give you a million zillion invisible cupcakes ♥

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Wrote 6 years ago
love this<3

Wrote 6 years ago
number 3- tell him to go away! he seems wierd!
and mabye you should do the same with 2,
but nmber 1 you should just talk to him i guess.

Wrote 6 years ago
#3 shove that creeepp awayy

Wrote 6 years ago
thanks yall



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