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we ran some errands.
grocery shopping.
dry cleaning.
booked a place for interviews.
saw james from a few feet away on columbia's campus.
"he's over there, third row." I whispered in Hannah's ear as her eyes scanned the room.
"i miss him." i sighed.
"go talk to him." she nudged me.
"why? he's the one who decided to run away."
"i'll talk to him." she began to march up to him, but i quickly pulled her by her frail arm.
"Get back here! he might see us!" 
we walked away and there it was.
"January!" i heard his voice call my name out. he walked up to us as Hannah and I stood there, in awe.
"hey." he smiled at me, looking at my purple maxi dress.
i gave him a stern, mean look. "where have you been?" i began to walk as Hannah followed me.
"we need to talk." he rushed behind us as we picked up our pace.
"january..." Hannah started to say before i cut her off and turned to james.
"about what?" i asked him.
"many things. can we talk now?" he looked down at the pavement and bit his lip.
"i'm really busy right now, call me." i marched away like a fool, embarrassed to even think about the situation at hand.
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