~Miss Taylor Swift!!

I love this song, like seriously. It sort of reminds me of Harry Potter. Not just like the magic and dragons, but just the over all meaning of the song.


I'm so sorry I haven't been on as much, and I feel like I haven't made a real set that has nothing to do with roleplays in like, forever. I've been so busy with school and such. I finally had enough time to finish a set.

I like this set. What do you guys think?

So I'm like, extremely excited for two reasons.

Like, dude. It'll be awesome. So many people I know will be there, and I won't be a loner. I'm usually not.... but whatevs. And plus, all the best people will be there, too. Not all, but most.

I am so extremely excited for this. It's in April but who cares, right? It's my first time at Knott's, and I am like, jittery and shuddery.

Le Sigh.

I dunno. I had to add that there. 

Oh yeah!!! We (Me, a boy violinist, girl violinist, male model guy, tall guitar guy, this sorta tall scientist guy, and this perfectionist kid) measured who's hands were the biggest. From biggest to smallest, it was Mr. Scientist, Mr. Guitar, Mr. Violinist, Mr. Male model, me and perfectionist kid was about the same, and then Miss Violinist/pianist. it was funny.

So yeah. that's vas happenin.
Check this page out!!!
@girlspark and @pretty-smiling-iconers
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Designers of the Future (Fashion Group)

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