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Hello Polyvore(: Sorry I haven't made a set in about 5 or 6 days, I've been pretty busy lately (Which is a shocker, since I'm never really busy during the summertime, ahaha) But yeah, I had a sleepover with my best friend on Tuesday/Wednesday, and on Tuesday we went to see The Smrufs 2 (And it was REALLY cute by the way :) I teared up in a couple parts though, ahaha) and afterwards, I bought some My Little Pony stuff (I'm trying to start a collection now..:P ) and on Thusday, I don't remember what I did, but I think I was busy though) and yesterday, I went to the beach with my family, (Even though it was kinda chilly and cloudy though) but it was pretty fun. I was in a pretty good mood until I came on last night just before I went to bed. In case some of you don't know, i was hacked by a hater. :( It made me really upset, not because they were hating on me, I don't care if people hate on me anymore, I'm used to it, and I just ignore it, but they were bullying my followers! They messed with the wrong girl, I'm sorry, but no one should EVER bully my Fans/Followers! I want to thank those who stood up for me, I love you guys, in fact, I love all my followers :) I hope you guys are okay though, please, don't listen to that hater, okay loves? Again, thank you for standing up for me, and I shall return the favour by standing up for you guys if that hater comes back again (I changed my password, and I'm hoping the hater logged out and doesn't know my new one) 

I love you all :)

PS: I read that some of you were saying death threats to her, and she was doing that to me. Please guys, don't stoop to her level, sending someone death threats isn't very nice. What would you do if they actually did kill them self? I understand that they were hating on me, and you wanted to stand up for me, but please don't stoop to their level, please. I love you guys <3

~~ Krazy KayTaglist Part 1 ~~


Peace and Love,
KayKay <3
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