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this poem is about you
yeah you
the you reading this
actually i am not even sure
you will peruse these words
but this is the closest i could ever get
to having you read them

this poem is about you and
the way you act
the way you speak
the way you care
i don't know how you
can find time to be
such a good person when
you're being followed around
by people who worship the ground
you walk

tell me
how do i get to know
the real you
how do i learn your secrets and fears
and what wakes you up in the morning
and whether you prefer
a kiss good morning
a kiss good night
or both
i would row the seven seas
to discover what happens
inside your brain
i swear to god
i would explore it like
a maze and find
new twists and turns in
the valley of your mind

there is something beautiful about you
you know
and i don't mean your appearance
but that doesnt hurt either
i mean you have an air about you
of curiosity and mystery
a true love of life and
its great wonders
believe me i know
i have met you once
one year ago
and i wrapped one arm
around you and
i remember wanting to hug you
and thank you for saving me
but i was too quiet
too intimidated by your field of
intelligence that i could not speak
i am one of the lucky few who got
the opportunity and i wish
i had seized the moment

you've got a beautiful mind
a beautiful being
and i wish i could just ask you
out to coffee so we could sit for
hours and hours discussing
each other and
becoming friends
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