look fragile

for the extraordinary @glass-tears
"look fragile, like a doll. and don't you ever dare smile." the sumptuous and nearly empty hearted ballet teacher snaps at the plethora of lissome, woebegone girls. they just wanted to dance. they just wanted to feel pretty. all the girls wanted was a good time and an audience. but they know now you can't have both. so they choose the audience.
#Ballet #pointeshoes #dance #audience #crowd #strict #pale #pink #grey #lace #blood #angel #soft #beautiful #itdoesntmatterifyourhappy #redshoes #vintage #calothic #rosary #pray #school #academy #europe


Wrote 22 days ago
no no no don't stop it doesn't bother me!! it's amazing!!

Wrote 22 days ago
oh and a small fyi; im prolly going to be constantly adding onto this collection in particular because i find the whole concept and truth of what ballet really is very interesting @glass-tears obviously if it bothers you i can stop whenever!

Wrote 22 days ago
aww thank you so much! and i love hearing about ballet because i had always wanted to do it when i was younger but we just couldn't afford it. hopefully this is close enough to the real thing because other than a few documentaries and like three ballets i've been to, i know nothing about the dance. @glass-tears

Wrote 22 days ago
wow that last comment was a long random rant lol

Wrote 22 days ago
thanks so much!! i love this!! you're capturing the essence of ballet perfectly. my two favorite dance styles are ballet and modern, and i love them both the same. but my relationship with ballet is strange. it hurts and i hate it, but it's addictive and beautiful and somehow i love it. but you can't be yourself. it's all for the audience. you have to be perfect for them. modern is different though, it is equally beautiful and you can truly express yourself. but it just can't be prepared to the thrilling pain of ballet. this collection is perfect, thanks again!! <3


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