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So... story tomorrow turned into more than 3 weeks but finally I mean its short but at least it’s something right? Hopefully another one up later tonight tonight/tomorrow

Ana Harper; April 20

“Come on it’s after 11,” I was lying in bed, not quite awake but not quite asleep just minding my own business when my mother burst into my bedroom making way to much noise for any time of the day especially when I was mostly asleep. “Time to get out of bed.”

“I don’t wanna.” I moaned into my pillow though I wouldn’t be surprised if she hadn’t been able to hear me.

“I don’t care.” She pulled the sheet down with a swift motion I swear she practiced. That or she used it on me and Shane really often, “you’re getting up and getting out of the house.”

“What?” I groaned, rolling over and curling into a little ball because it was actually kind of cold for April, 

“You’ve barely left the house this holidays so we’re going out.” She said matter of factly, “You have ten minutes to get up and get dressed.”

“I have so left the house.” I was almost completely awake now but that didn’t meant I wanted to get up very much leave the house and with my mother no less.

“When?” She turned around at the door, eyebrow cocked.

“I went walking with daddy two days ago.” I emphasised the two because that wasn’t very long at all. No sir not at all.

“With your father, that hardly counts.”

“You’re my mother.” I pointed out, sitting up with a pout, “Why do you count more?”

She just rolled her eyes and pointed a finger, “Ten minutes.” She reminded sternly, “We’ll go for brunch at the shops.”

“Can we go shopping?” I asked perking up considerably. Shopping with mum was a good and bad thing. Good because she had way more money than me and recently had been in the mood to buy me stuff whenever we went out (probably making up for the fact 80% of my wardrobe I’d had since I was 10) Bad because she was still my mother and had not just super conservative views on fashion but hardly let me experiment with colours and stuff. 

Which was really why I preferred shopping with Imogen or my Aunt Eve. But hey I’d take what I could get.

“Maybe.” She smirked at me, like she’d won some fight. Silly woman. I was the one coming out on top here


“You know the plan was to have breakfast first.” Mum pointed out in a tone that was half wry and half frustrated. It was a tone reserved mostly for Shane so I felt privileged I’d managed to receive it.

“But shoes.” I pouted picking up a Aqua coloured wedge I’d instantly fallen in love with. “I want these ones.”

“They’re a lovely colour.” She nodded as I sat down on one of the seats to pull them on, “But I’m not really sure they’d go with much.”

“Of course they will.” I sighed as I squeezed my foot in the first one and zipped it up, “They’ll go with black and white and all neutrals. Watermelon and pink for a statement.”

“Pink? Really?” She stared at me skeptically. Was she doubting me or something? How rude. “They’d clash terribly.”

“No they wouldn’t. Celebrities match them all the time they look great.” I stood up, twisting around in front of the mirror so I could properly see them.

“I doubt that. Prove it to me.”

“I will but please let me get them.” I turned towards her, kinda towering over her with the huge height of the wedges, “Plus you always tell me wedges are safer than heels no?”

“I don’t see why you need heels that high.” She rolled her eyes, 

“Just because you have resigned yourself to your insignificant height doesn’t mean I have to.” I sniffed haughtily, parading up and down the isle to practice walking in them because they were mine and I had to have them.

“Is there someone you’re trying to impress then.” She teased me right back, “A tall boy you have your eye on perhaps.” And I didn’t because I didn’t have my eye on anyone but then I remember. Matt was taller than me. Significantly taller than me. Like a whole foot taller than me.

“No,” I tried to laugh but it was forced.

Unfortunately mum noticed as well “You need to work on your lying skills.” She said as I sat down heavily and pulled the shoes off.

“I’m not lying, I don’t like anyone.” I sighed, returning the shoes to the shoe box, “Can I have the shoes or not.”

“If you pay for half of them.” She said absentmindedly which was our deal half of the time really, “So what then a boy likes you?”

“Always.” I smiled and hugged the box to my chest because the shoes were gorgeous 

“So that’s a yes then.” Mum slid into the chair next to me, “what’s his name? Wait no I know all your friends. Is it Christian? Or Harry? Matt? Or maybe Ryan?”

“No Mum.” I groaned, dropping my head onto her shoulder, “I bet it’s nothing. Sophia probably trying to cause drama or something.”

“Oh well we know she does that.” My mum didn’t like Sophia in the slightest at all not one bit, “But if something happens you’d tell me.”

“You’d be the first to know.” I nodded, mostly because I couldn’t really keep anything form that woman.

“That’s how it should be.” She stood up, pulling me to my feet, “Now we’ll pay for these shoes and go eat before any more shopping.” She added sternly.

“Does that mean we will do more shopping?” I asked feeling considerably brighter. I could leave the house if it meant I got pretty new things.

“Well I’ve got to get you out into public somehow.”
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