II Midnight City by M83II
Written in the POV of Aria <3 I know we haven't roleplayed in forever, but I got a craving to write for Aria. 
I slip my foot into a bright, neon purple Blahnik, and sling my tan, buttery soft, leather bag into the crook of my arm. I'm dressed in a gorgeous, Missoni dress, perfect for the Brazilian weather. 

Originally our trip was planned only for a couple of weeks, but we were just eating Brazil up. They loved us here! And, it's summer down here! Much better than going back to cold, rainy, Manhattan. 
My parents weren't on with the plan when I told them I'm staying down here with the rest of the gang. But after some talking (and with some persuasion from Serena and Eric), they agreed maybe it'd be good for me to get away from the city, and experience some different cultures in a different big city. 

It worked out perfectly. 
As for school... luckily our grades at Constance/St.Jude's were enough for us to defer for as long as we want. Chances are, we'll be back in February, when fall will come in to Brazil, since, that's when their summer ends. 

"Are you almost ready?" Cordelia shouts from outside the suite that we share, where her and the gang are waiting for me. "I'm coming!" I shout, looking at myself finally in the mirror. I look pretty good. It feels nice to say that about myself too. 

Finally, I turn for the door, opening it and seeing our clique, dressed for the perfect, sunny weather outside. "Ready." I say, closing the door to the suite behind me. 

"Finally." Eric jokes and I shoot him a fake glare, running a hand through my buttery-blonde waves. "So, where are we going today?" I ask, as we walk down the long hallway. 

There's something about hotel hallways. They're all the same almost. Sure, different wallpapers or paint colours, different patterned carpets, but there's just something about them. There's a thrill walking down them everyday while you're on vacation, because, it's like you're starting a new adventure in your story. 
Or maybe the Brazilian air and food is just doing this to my brain. 

"I was thinking we'd do Sugarloaf Mountain, and then the Christ the Redeemer statue if that's alright with you guys," Serena says, and Eric looks at Anna. 

Throughout this whole trip, we still haven't figured out Anna's fear. It wasn't surfing, it wasn't the beach, not jellyfish or sharks, it was just a mystery. 
"Is it okay with you Anna?" Eric asks her. Anna looks at him, "What are you insisting?" She asks. "Are you /sure/ you're not afraid of heights?" He asks as we step into our hotel's elevator, and I press the L, for lobby and the elevator begins to go down. 

"I am absolutely positive that I am /not/ afraid of heights," Anna says, crossing her arms over her chest. "I'm not afraid of anything." She says confidently, and Eric says nothing, simply eyeing her. 

I smirk at him, and his gaze turns to me. "What?" He asks. I smirk some more, shaking my head slightly, "I think I know the only reason you decided to come onto this trip," I say, as the elevator lets out a ding, stopping to let in some more passengers. 

"Oh, and what's that?" He asks, the elevator continuing to drop. I smile, full on grinning now. "You want to get back with Anna," I sing-song. 

He looks at me, shooting a look warning me to shut up, or else he'll probably kill me, and throw my body down the crack between the elevator and the floor. "So?" He asks. "You're probably just here so you can hook up with Cordelia," He points out and I blush. 

"Okay, this trip is not about who wants to get with who," Serena says, grabbing Hunt's hand. "It's about our group being together and just having fun, getting away. Isn't that nice?" She asks and we all nod. 
We have to admit that Serena's right. It shouldn't matter... but it is totally obvious Eric wants to get back with Anna. They've been together this entire trip, even sharing a room... they want to get back together, I can just feel it. And thankfully, since they decided to take a room together, that left me in a room with Cordelia. Perfect. 

We walk outside, a gust of hot, thick air hitting us. Outside, the Brazilians are buzzing by, looking fabulous with their exotic looks. The tourists were buzzing too, getting their expensive cars from the valet and driving them off to famous locations. 
Maybe I sound a bit hypocritical, considering our group was some of these tourists... but we are much more fabulous than these lame-os. 

Hunt hands the guy sitting behind the window our valet ticket, and the guy takes it, types some things into the computer and informs us that our car will be a couple of minutes. 

We wait around, sitting on a bench near a potted plant, bored out of our minds, until our car pulls up. It's a Cadillac Escalade, a white one. The valet attendant comes out of the car, handing the keys to Hunt (who's been our chauffer this entire trip) "Thanks!" Hunt calls to him and we hop in the car. Hunt and Serena take up the front seats, Eric and Anna the back, and Cordelia and I the way-back. 

I cross my legs as the car starts to go, then leaning and getting my seat buckle buckled. Out of the small window, I can see the hotel disappear, leaving behind all the people still waiting for their cars, leaving behind everything and entering the actual Rio de Janeiro. 

Here in Rio, it's so beautiful. So peaceful. Everything is just so amazing, from the beaches, to the restaurants, even the shopping is so great. I'm really beginning to love it here. And being here with the people I love the most? Well, that's just a cherry on top. 

The car ride is silent. We all look out the windows, check our phones, while checking Gossip Girl, which we've found is also here in Rio, believe it or not.
Finally, we reach the Sugarloaf mountain. There's a parking space and admission for going up in the cable car. We park the car and get out of the car. I look up at the huge mountain, a cable car filled with people going up. 

I whistle, "That's so huge." I say, tilting my head back and admiring it. 
"That's what she said," Hunt says jokingly, and I jab him in the ribs with my elbow.

As we walk towards the cable car waiting point, I feel someone grab my hand. At first I think it's Anna, ready to admit her fear of heights, but then I look to see a brunette- not a blonde. 

I c.ck my head to the side, obviously confused. "I can't believe I'm admitting this, but I'm kinda nervous," She says, "It's so huge... normally I'm not afraid of heights, but it's kinda surreal." 

I nod understandingly, "It'll be okay. I doubt this thing has ever broken or anything, it's probably totally safe." I say, then, leaning down and giving her a light kiss on the top of her head. 

She looks up at me, at first kinda shocked, but then winking, and smiling at me. Our cable car arrives, and apparently not that many tourists have come to visit today, leaving the cable car just to ourselves. 

The cable car starts going up and up, climbing up the mountain. Cordelia and I hold hands the entire time, looking out at the beautiful Brazilian scenery. It's really gorgeous here. 
The mountain is coming up, in the distance, and before we know it, we're at the top. The cable car has stopped and it's a gorgeous view. You can see all of Rio, even a bit of the Christ the Redeemer statue, along with the beach, packed with tourists, cars buzzing around the streets. 

"Wow." I say breathlessly. "It's..." I say, trailing off. 
"Beautiful." Cordelia, Serena, Eric, and even Hunt answer. I look at them, and we all smile before laughing. 

Soon though, the cable car is going back down, sliding down the robes and leaving the mountain behind. Rio comes into view, full view. Soon, the cable car is back on the ground. We're getting off. "Well... that was certainly something." I say, as we walk back to the car, Cordelia's hand still attatched to mine. I'm surprised she hasn't let go. 

"Hm," Serena says and we all look at her. "I think maybe that's enough sightseeing for one day... how about we just go to lunch and then just hit the beach? Soak up the sun a little." She says and we all brighten up. "Sounds good!" We all agree. 

We pile back into the car, driving to one of our new-favourite restaurants here in Rio. 
By the time we're done with the restaurant and the beach, the sun is setting, casting a light glow on the horizon. 
A perfect ending to a perfect day. 
BLAH! This story was all over the freaking place! I apologize. Buttttt, I do really like the outfit and this set <3
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super stunning dear look gorgeous too:))



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