Well as you know my dears I started my blog last year. I was so inspired with everything here in pv that I finally fought my social phobia and did what I always wanted- to share my passion for styling outfits. 
To be successful in blogging either you were first to do it or you've got the resources and unfortunately I don't. It was harder than I imagined. In my country we are not allowed to take pictures in public places so I either rush and run or pay for a hotel stay just to be able to take decent looking pictures. I also have to take public transportation and travel for an hour or two just to get to location. Another challenge was not having a dslr camera which makes our work a lot harder!!!

Anyways I still have a bunch of outfit posts before I say goodbye to blogging and I just want to say thank you for everyone who followed and supported my blog and maybe someday I can use it as my fashion portfolio for whatever job it is I would like to go for in the fashion industry. It was a challenging but a fulfilling journey and I enjoyed it no matter how hard the obstacles were. When the pictures turn out well, it all feels so worth it!

So yes another goal, a more impossible one than being a successful blogger is to be a community correspondent for @polyvore or land even a part time job in a magazine or a major clothing line. A message from Vogue saying something like these will also do: "Hi we would like to interview you about your life and your struggles and your extreme passion for fashion." Next thing I know is I am being hired by multiple clothing lines and being photographed in the front rows of different fashion weeks around the world. Wow I really admire myself when it comes to my imagination! 

I am very happy to hear some of my polyfriends appreciate my photos as well. Sad as it may seem, I cannot blog forever but to be appreciated means a lot!!! THANK YOU xoxo

If you like the outfit in this set please feel free to check out and follow my fashion blog where I post my personal photos: http://katrinalovesfashion.blogspot.com/

Feel free to be a part of my group Fashion and Feelings with over 780 amazing and talented members: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/group.show?id=167880

@polyvore-editorial I worked so hard for this set and tried to make it a little different because I feel so bored with my usual set style. Let's hope you'll like it!!! BEAUTIFUL WEEK TO YOU and to all my pv friends :)

Katrina V

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