hey girls :) another request! hmm;... i love requests. haha. anyways, i know the title is a little iffy... lolz, but the tip is basically about how to make a simple pair of jeans/tee look like you worked harder on making a cute outfit. so, enjoy!!

So, there are totally days that we feel like simply throwing on a pair of old jeans and a tee (hello, EVERYday?) But you also want to look a bit more put together, and fashion-concious. Here are some tips on doing that.

1. Add a jacket. Denim jackets are seriously IN this year! Or, maybe a khaki type? Shop around, and see what you like. Anyways, this just gives your outfit a lot more structure, so you'll look really put together and cute. And YES, you can wear a jacket in class, etc. I know sometimes it seems "professional", but its so in, and really casual. Cmon, you know you wanna try it out ;) (places to buy: try abercrombie or f21, or maybe a local store for something one-of-a-kind?)

2. Cute shoes. Just having ONE pair of pretty sandals or flats will add EVERYTHING to an outfit. You don't have to change your comfy tee and jeans, just pop on some pretty shoes. Trust me, you will NOT regret buying these! (Look at Payless! Shoes are like, $12 there. Honestly, no one will ever guess you got them for so cheap! If you can't for some reason, try the Gap or Jcrew.)

3. Makeup. Guys say that they can tell a girl cares about how she looks (not a bad thing - don't worry ;) if shes wearing makeup. Its true, it shows that you like enhancing your features. I'd pick up some mascara in black (so people can notice) and just put on a bit in the morning. Its effortless beauty. (Buy some at a drugstore. I love Covergirl Lashblast. You can't miss it - fat orange tube :)

4. The Effortless Braid-Waves. LOL, so this is for you girls who hate having to spend 20 minutes doing hair in the morning. Take a shower the night before, and braid hair tightly right after. Sleep in the braids, then pull them out the next morning. Avoid brushing a lot. Volia! You'll have waves that look like they took 20 minutes when they really took 0. Perfect!!

5. Take 30 minutes one Saturday and pick out lots of cute outfits. This way, theres no stressing in the mornings. Try to never use the same piece twice in, say, six outfits. You'll look so unqiue and pretty!! Trust me, I do this and it helps me SOSOSO much! I HATE rushing the in mornings. 

Anyways, I hope this was helpful! requests open :) <3

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Wrote 6 years ago
What do I do for hair (I have curly hair)
Pm me?

Wrote 6 years ago
Thanksss! This helped a lot! :D

Wrote 6 years ago
i hang up 5 outfits, each on a hanger, and then all my outfits are ready for the week, so easy to just grab and go!

Wrote 6 years ago
gap sells really cute jean jackets. for the tip about wavy hair from braids, my opinion is DO NOT DO THIS! it looks..idk really fluffy or something. it looks cuter when you take a shower, let it dry like halfway, put mousse in it and scrunch your hair, and then put it up in a high messy bun. if it isnt dry in the morning, blow dry it (with the bun still in) and then take it down. then you add more gel/mousse, hairspray it, then pin your bangs back or something and it looks super adorable :)))


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