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We had horse camp today, yay! And I rode Monkey again cause he is one of the best horses ever! It was kinda boring today, unlike yesterday where we were cantering all around. Today we kinda just walked, trotted a little. We tried to run in the obstacle course but that didn't last long. Rachel on Pistol and Ariel on Lizzie were gonna race, but Ariel fell off. I was gonna race too but I decided not to. When they took off Pistol started jumping around which caused Lizzie to freak out. Ariel tried to hang on but she flipped over the front of the horse. No worries, she was okay. I think I cantered Monkey in there for like a few seconds only lol. Katy who was riding My was gonna chase Lizzie and I was all "No no no don't chase her on the horse!" lol I was freaking out. So I had to get off, have Katy hold Monkey, chase Lizzie, my left spur fell off, then Anika got Lizzie after all that running ugh. I had to sit down on a block, put the spur back on, and I was so lazy to climb on the horse I just used the block. I'm such a lazy ass. 

When my group was done combing the manes and tails of our horses, we swept the barn isle. Monkey's mane is so thick it's a freakin jungle. But it's preeety. I was walking him back into the back pasture and Brandy was taking CJ back. The little mule Esther was getting in my way and trying to get out so I swung the rope at her to shoo her away. It like barely hit her shoulder..and then this conversation happened.

Brandy: What was that for, your just hitting her and she didn't do anything to you!
Me: Oh don't worry it's not gonna hurt her.
Brandy: Yeah, yeah right. I know animal abuse when I see it.
Me: *confused* You can kick a horse and it won't hurt them.
Brandy: Yeah, okay, Miss Attitude. How would you know?
Me: Well, I have been riding and working with horses for six years.
Brandy: What's your problem. You don't need to brag, okay?

and then I have no idea what happened next I kinda just walked away. The conversation went something like that it's not exact. Yesterday when I was playing with Thunder she was talking about how he tried to bite her. Then he started licking my pants and hands. So I starting baby talking to him and was all "No, he doesn't bite. You just wanna play, your lookin for treats, huh?" in a very squeaky baby voice while rubbing my face in his. And she is all "Oh, well you know everything about horses!"
Like really, really? I was baby talking the freakin horse, who happens to be one of my favorite camp horses although I have never ridden him. I just love his personality a lot and I fall in love with the horses there easily. Like really, Brandy is the one who starts the conversations, and she is the one with the real attitude. Nuff said.
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