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Riley Poole's twin.


Riley Katherine Rhodes, 18
From: Albequerque, New Mexico
Likes: The fantasy section, aliens, writing, reading, adventures, travel, birthday presents, sequined miniskirts, having fun, hanging out with everyone, puzzles, solving problems, her Rubik's Cube, laughing, alone time, making fun of Horatio on CSI, cats (but only on the Internet), telling people that the word 'geek' originated from people who bit the heads off chickens, doing magic tricks, grammar, fun facts, Scrabble
Dislikes: Cliques, people who force their beliefs on her, stupid people, those chicks who think they're hot, obvious things, stereotypical crime dramas, being seen as too goofy, elevators, talking on the phone, the dark
Music: Classical music in a minor key (GTFO), spy movie music, Danse Macabre, Garden State, the Shins, the X-Files Theme Song, Thé à la Menthe
Riley Rhodes (who hates the alliteration in her name) grew up in a small town in New Mexico, watching the people around her try to sell alien paraphernalia. She spent her time playing imaginary games by herself. At school, she was a teacher's pet and a bit of an outcast, always seen as nerdy. As time progressed, she stopped being in her shell so much and became more of a social person - though still just as awkward. She likes to tell random facts and do magic tricks because she can, and she likes dressing up (but not how uncomfortable it feels). She's ready to graduate and go out into the big wide world (or so she thinks). Will she find her place out there, or is Miss Riley not as ready as she thought?
Model: Kristina Romanova
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Wrote 4 years ago
Congrats dear !!!

Wrote 4 years ago
Cutee!!!you should check out some of my sets:)

Wrote 4 years ago
Congrats you got top set today with Naomi and tanner.

Wrote 4 years ago
Ur set is amazing !!
P.s. Congrats on top sets :) xx


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