Valérie Rozan
"The Queen of Sparkle"
Age: 22
Personality: Empathic & Wild
Signature Scent: Twirl by Kate Spad
There's a very slim chance you'll ever get Miss Rozan to calm down or take a breather. Valérie is a fun girl who also happens to be quite rambunctious despite her age. She's lively, active and always in the know. Perhaps that's why Val always knows the next new beauty trend before anyone else? As the Queen of Sparkle, she not only can concoct a glittery eyeshadow or lipgloss, she really /does/ sparkle. She's known as the girl who you can always count on, when she's not busy working on her latest invention. Val's empathic towards everyone, even her enemies. This girl should be careful, she can't be so nice to /everyone/ anymore. She really can put herself in other people's shoes, especially the sparkly ones.
Model: Jessica Stam
Taken By: 
Likes: everythind sparkles, chocolate, shopping, texting, comfy bed.
Dislikes: She hate the girls who can say bad about her, who are jealous of her sparkle. She hate the dark and she feared that one day she’s no longer sparkle 
3) Top 2 Characters (Don't Include The One You're Trying Out For):
Sandra Parisii
Joséphine Moreau
4) Promise To Make At Least One To Two [LOST] Sets Per Week (Absolutely No Slacking!)
”I’m promise because I love roleplay and I’m totally free this summer”
5) State How Many RP's You Are Currently In
”I’m on a other Fashion rp and I’m always active for the roleplays”
6) Answer The Following Questions:
-Why do you want this character?
 “I love sparkle, like her, I’m a Jessica’s fan and I love the character”

-How many times have you quit a RP?
 “More than a month since I quit LPP role play because of school, but now I’m free, I can join any high fashion rp”

-Will you be an active member? 
“of course”
-Do you like this RP's idea and what would you do to improve it?
“Yes, I like this rp’idea. Perfect!”
7} Write A Short Story About Any Part Of Your Character's Life (Include Correct Grammar & Use Detail!)

“Bienvenue en France, mademoiselle Rozan” a bellhop say. Omg, I can’t believe that I arrive to France. Yay.
The taxi stopped in front of Le Château.
“Nous sommes arrivés, mademoiselle. Merci et bonne chance”-the driver say. Wow, the French are polite. Great!
Yes, this is my dream, my glitter dream. I started to take my suitcases and come to my room. Malheureusement, I stumbled….
”-Owww, omgggg, what the hell??????” I groaned
”Hey, are you ok?“ I heard a voix of a guy. Omg, a handsome guy standing in front of me. Then he help me stand
”I’m ok now. Thank you so much! I’m Valérie Rozan. You can call me Val”
”I’m Adrien Chazelle. You live here?”
”Yes, I’m a St. Tropez’s girl”
”Wow, My thought was right. You look very sparkle”
”Really? That’s the best thing I ever heard. And you?”
”I’m from Saint Tropez too.”
”Woow, this is great. I’m very want to talk with you, but now I have to take my suitcases to my room.”
”Hey, I can help you” – Adrien say with a friendly smile, and very fast, he take all my suitcases – “So Val, à quel étage voulez-vous aller?”
{What a great guy, right?}
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♥ Stunning set sweetie!! ♥


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