Saturday 6th: If you don't already have plans for your Saturday night, get down to the cinema and watch one of those new movie releases. Whether you're into comedys or horror films, there's bound to be a film that floats your boat. You might even bump into a familiar face or meet a new friend?


"Well that was the worst zombie movie i have ever seen." Miles said chucking the empty popcorn container in the bin on the way out. 

"There are worse movies out right now." I commented rolling my eyes "Like G.I Joe or that dumb comedy movie with the dude from Arrested Development in it." 

"Hey that looked good." Laykn commented frowning both Miles and I looked at him oddly. "This is your fault." Miles commented looking at me "Before you he would only watch art house movies by indie directors."

"I did not." Laykn commented defending himself , "I saw plenty of other movies."

"Anyway..." I said shaking my head "My point is that Warm Bodies was a good movie and you , Miles , are an idiot who dislikes Nicholas Hoult because Cammie mentioned his attractive." I said "And then proceeded to completely ignore you."

"Like always." Laykn added grinning sipping whatever was left his frozen coke. "Like always." I added in nodding. "It's a little creepy." 

"Shut up." He mumbled. 

"So what do we do now? It's not that late." He commented checking his phones.

"Drinks?" Miles suggested "I could use one after that movie." he added with a playful smirk. I rolled my eyes "We could go home?" I offered.

"Go home and drink it is than." Laykn said "Sounds like a legit plan" he said nodding happily. "Can we get food first though."

"Why not?" I said shrugging , Miles just groaned "Didn't you have enough popcorn."

"Nope." Laykn said popping the p as he wrapped an arm around me. "So you can either shut up and come with us or off and leave me alone with my girlfriend."

"Let's just get this over with."


"God your so f,cking thristy." Laykn said to Miles as we sat in one of the restaurants that stayed open. It was mostly empty , It was only us and a young couple busy making out in the corner of the restaurant.

Miles rolled his eyes as he started to rip apart a piece of Garlic bread. Neither Miles or I felt like much food but as always Laykn could eat. "Like you can talk Mr i used my little sister to hook up with her roommate." Miles commented smirking up at Laykn.

"I sincerely hope he is referring to me." I said taking a sip of my water looking over at Laykn who just rolled his eyes "Really?" he asked slightly annoyed.

"No but i'd like confirmation , it makes me feel special and loved." I said grinning teasingly. 

"I didn't use Steph to hook up with Leighton , If anything Leighton did." He said nodding "Yeah she seduced me not the other way around." 

"A mistake i am sure she regrets every day." Miles said sarcastically. Laykn scoffed looking at me questioningly, I shook my head offended that he could even consider that.

"If we didn't date you wouldn't have met Camille." I said "So watch what you say mister." I said wagging my finger at him warningly. 

"Yeah!" Laykn chimed in lauging a little. "You tell him gurlfriend"
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