Lost and Found

Lost and Found
Moderated by ravenindigo and faerysheart.
This group if for ADULTS (16 years and older) dealing with issues of loss and grief.
This group is for sets having to do with loss and remembrance. Through acknowledging your grief and loss and expressing it in healthy ways, healing can occur. The goal of this group is to give a safe, healthy, non-judgemental environment where that healing can occur.
Any sets dealing with loss, grief or remembrance are welcome here: the loss of your childhood, the loss of your child through miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, childhood death or adoption. Also the death of a loved one or anything that you feel is a loss. It can be a person, child, memory, or pet. Any sets dealing with feeling abandoned or neglected by a parent, sibling, spouse or friend. Good remembrances and memories are welcome here too.
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