I wanna share about lastest novel fiction that i've read about Kai i think writer refer to him ,i stop to buy it since i read intro coz of the character..
Main Character [Period time 2012-2022] 
Choi Seung Hyun[SH] - Successful idol/actor,debuted 6 years ,age 24.
Kwon Ji Min[JM] - Debuted since age 15,Model,multi-work age 18.
Friend with SH.
Kim Jong In[JI]- Debuted on 2012 ,Idol/actor age 18.
 ** Just only character someone will smell fishy/laugh to me for sure why I creepy to read it.

---I skip 2010 time--
Ending such a tragedy ever!!
Year 2022 Jong In[28 ages] is Top star becoming actor/ his band is famous in world wide.
writer describe to the ending scene about one day in font of the school little boy waiting for someone,JI walking to the boy and 30 minutes conver is cry my heart out.
"Jong in saw little boy who portrait him when he was young ,the boy had tanned skin,big eyes and quit shy just like him"
Annyoung..What 's your name? 
Little boy..my name is Choi Jong Min

Jong in first meet little boy where your appa-omma? he don’t know why he worried even just first met.
he ask,the boy point to big banner of SH and replied those person will come to pick me.
this boy kidding me ..where your omma? JI worried don't want little boy waiting alone& he want to go back to the filming in 5 minutes.
Sudden... "Ommaaaa"little boy run off his arm to the voice who called him Jong Min ahhh,Jong in turn around and found out same girl who lived in his heart since 10 years ago
"she just the same with elegant cloth,pretty smile,she had very long hair that i was impressed her since i met her at first time"
is she fine?
she re-married ,she happy with another guy? Seunghyun sunbae-nim?
many question come in his mind while he just standing to looking her treat little boy with her mother kind.
I thoughts she'll waiting for me 
I'll always love you,I'm happy to know you're happy, you'll forgive me from what i've done in the part 10 year right? ending Jong In part.
In the car Jimin cry out in font of her son,I missed you Jong in,why i never tell you how much i love you,I want to tell you I'm happy with you happy with our marriage life -ending Jimin part.
I hope someone life not end so sad like this ?

You'll not know i cry for them like an idiot ,i might be bad in describe but from writer detail is so complete.oh,I just translate in English by my own original is Korean.

I found out it since early June reading day by day just finished it. the style she wrote just like famous 
Guiyeoni from The movie Templation of Wolves [Kang Dong Won movie] fans said she is master student from Yonsei university idk? ,no sorry for my 10000 won spent to download fic on mobile.
coz i'm not good in Korean yet some part hard to understand i give it to my sis help me clear. now she in the mood of sadness..

I'll tell you about first chapter in next Kai set.
even i'm a girl so sad to Jimin life but i think who's suffer the most is Jong In,i think Jong Min is his son OMG!!! I need some joke ,this kind of plot refer to 2004 Drama "Phoenix+2005 Only you 
Also this set HBD to @looooooo 
Wishes you all the best,get lots of happiness,healthy,stay beautiful,may all your dream will come true.
Thanks for being such a long time support.
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