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Name: Sienna Waldorf - Morrison
Age: 27
Birthdate: June 1st, 1986
Height: 5’1”
From: Manhattan, New York
Occupation; Columbia graduate, socialite, published author in France.
Likes: Writing, freshly cut flowers, cigarettes, classical music, jewelry, New York City, Paris, Europe, stiletto heels, champagne, her husband, the Hamptons, stockings, big hair, manicures, education, literature, the French language, runway shows, not eating, older men, drugs, sex, anything to numb the pain.
Dislikes: Girl drama, her parents’ expectations, losing those she loves, death, being told what to do, not being good enough, anxiety, not being able to be herself, deadlines, her publicist.
Relationship status: Widowed. Sienna Waldorf married Nathaniel Morrison at 19, and after both graduated college, he was killed in a horrible car accident. Afterwards, she fled the country and is only now returning. Besides Nathaniel, all other relationships are unknown.

Immediate Family:
Charles Waldorf (56) Father
Catherine Waldorf (née Vanderbilt) (54) Mother
George Vanderbilt (48) Uncle
Blythe Waldorf - Lennox (33) Older sister
James Lennox (36) Brother-In-Law
Chantal Waldorf (30) Older sister
Tyler Waldorf (21) Little brother
Nathaniel Morrison (Deceased) Husband

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