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  • Beautifully Surreal Self-Portraits by Amelia Fletcher My Modern Met
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    Chicago-based photographer Amelia Fletcher recently completed a year-long self-portrait project in order to better hone her skills in lighting and Photoshop while learning a bit more about herself along the way. Originally from the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina, having grown up on a farm, Fletcher tells us, "My roots are a major influence on who I am and what inspires me to create." Upon completing her BFA degree in art from UNC Charlotte in 2011, the young photographer made the move to Chicago and embarked on a 52 Photo Project. What has resulted from this personal challenge is a series of captivating images that offer more than a simple self-portrait. Fletcher's collection incorporates intriguing landscapes and architecture as a backdrop to her surreal images. We were lucky enough to ask Amelia a few questions about her process and inspirations. You can read that interview, below. How did you first get into photography? As a child I was always interested in drawing,…
  • Photography by Beck Rocchi
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    Beck Rocchi inherited her love for photography from her dad, after having showed her how to use his Nikon when she was 13: "- Yeah, and it simply grew from there. He was such a gifted and passionate photographer, and I believe I would never have found it without him. He used to photograph my mum, so beautifully. After that I was always the girl with the camera in her bag. As the years went on and technology advanced it went from a small film camera, to a small digital, to a big digital SLR. I never studied it - but I think that is what makes my style a little different. Its all about how you see the world - and that is in your mind and your heart." After growing up in Melbourne, Beck is now based out of beautiful Byron Bay, surely an inspirational location. Other sources of inspiration are beauty, color, light, symmetry, movement, reflections, details, mistakes, and of course life: "- But most of all the power of capturing moments in time that will stay frozen forever." Her work hasn't been published in any publications yet, but something tells us it's not far away. Her plan for the future are to embrace, grow and develop her photography, writing, and her mind. Of other things: " - Travel and documentary photography has always been the thing that fires me up, that stirs me deeply and gets me excited. I love throwing myself into a foreign environment - among new visuals, strange customs and unknown places. I feed off new ideas and challenges which means I get restless easily in familiar environments of mundane routine. It is an exciting ever-changing pathway for me to continue on!" Here's some of her work: More pictures inside the post.
  • Igor + André: The Lily and Gemma book
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  • Sense Eccentricity, WILDFOX Fall 2014 I LOVE.
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    Hey Everyone! I'm back from Miami swim week and couldn't be more excited to post our FALL 14 campaign!!! This was so crazy to shoot out in the freezing snow and right after a storm. I am so excited for fall to come again this year, cozy nights playing board games and drinking hot chocolate... This collection is very much inspired by Jane Austen and my English heritage. I loved growing up in West Sussex, even today I love to be in a place where you can really feel the seasons change. Jane Austen wrote love stories around seasons, she was one of the first young women to become famous for her beautiful, romantic novels about coming of age and trying to find your place in the world. She is one of the most widely read writers in English literature. In my eyes Jane was the ultimate Wildfox girl; Hard working, poetic, confidant and extremely comical... and it makes me sad she couldn't be alive today so I could have her over for dinner and a sleep over with all the girls. Her stories are inspiring and still so relevant, they teach us about ourselves, our friendships, family, priorities and sacrifice. Growing up with an older sister I really looked up to her, she was my ultimate inspiration, my eccentric, funny, drinking, laughing, hard working, incredibly cool role model. She gave me so many of the building blocks to become confidant and independent, to make comedy even in the hardest of times. She lives in England, in Brighton, a city by the sea, and I rarely get to see her so It's a bittersweet relationship that I think about often. Siblings, whether they are blood or self made, are such an important part of growing up, of who you are and who you become. Thus this collection is a dedication to the women who love us most, hate us most, forgive us most, to the women who make us laugh and cry, who give us that reality dose straight to the face, who keep us in line but also teach us to miss-behave... this collection is for them, for our sisters and for the ultimate sister, Jane Austen. SHOP NOW Photos by Mark Hunter Photo Edit by Kimberley Gordon Modeled by Maddison Brown, Isabella Oberg and Marnie Harris makeup by Carlene K Hair by Laura Polko This collection will trickle in over the next 4 months, so keep checking back on the WILDFOX site for more pieces! Also we have for sale the pink collection of Jane books, which are expensive to buy but I wanted for you all to see these perfect collectors editions... they are worth saving for! i splurged for a set and it's so worth it to pass down to my daughters and their daughters. Enjoy!
  • Gisele Bundchen exhibits Military Fashion in Vogue Latin Magazine May 2010 Fashion Fame
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    Gisele Bundchen graces Vogue Latin Magazine flaunting military fashion. Gisele Bundchen on Vogue May 2010 issue is looking gorgeous wearing khaki.

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