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Saturday, 13th: First challenge! Today will be the first test of many to see if you truly belong here. Forget what you specialize in, because you'll have 1 hour to create an original, brand-new suncare product idea, and 3 hours to formulize, package, and label it. Get working pronto! And whatever you do, don't return late!

The first challenge is sun care and i have an idea immediately. I was scared though because I haven't made something like it in a long time. I moved away from everyone to get my head in the game. I didn't want to have drama on the first challenge. People don't know I choose to make brushes but can make any beauty product I went to school for it and I have my chemistry. 

I got my ipad and researched for 10 minutes then I went to work on my project. I wanted to make something for all women as always and I thought teenagers with oily skin and sweating in the summer and breaking out. I remember I wanted a summer romance but I had pimples and I had use a makeup that made me breakout even more. 

First I wanted to make a coverup that was a sunscreen, it was going to be oil free, it was going to be waterproof so you could wear it while swimming or if you sweat in the sun and I was going to have a face formula to pretend and clear acne. Most importantly it was going to fit all skin types but a twirl in the bottle. 

It took two hours to make my creation. I made 14 batches all together. I looked like a mess after it. pull I tested on myself thank god nothing bad happened. 

I made several bottles and put the formula in them 
It took me a while but I finally made the packaged it,
 It was really hard work to get the twirl and then the shade changer done for the first one the rest were easy. I made labels within seconds already having one for my brushes only having to put a name to it and description the backs. I named it "Super Nova" I thought it was cute I don't think people cared about the names but what it did. I took time looking it over then i heard my phone beat. I set a alarm on my phone so I wouldn't return late.

I rushed back to and had 5 minutes to spare I had my products in a special bag with a lock on it. I was happy to keep to myself as much as possible and get it done. i was really proud of my work.


Wrote 4 years ago
So that's your strategy? Making a lot of products to see if at least one is good?
xx, Sandra.

Wrote 4 years ago
it was idea. not ideas.
- clémence

Wrote 4 years ago
Wow, you created an entire line of products!
~ Marguerite

Wrote 4 years ago
Wow when I was working on my one and only product, I was instantly intimidated by you. -lea.

Wrote 4 years ago
Well i had a lot of time on my hands but the hardest part is choosing just one. :)
-xo Tori

Wrote 4 years ago
wow, that's a lot of product.
- xoxo, kelis

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