BOTB Challenge 2
As your second challenge you are going to spend the entire day with your favorite band member!

I know Jesse is no longer in the band :( but he was my favorite member.

Jesse Lawson was one of my best friends and we always had a blast hanging out. We had been friends since middle school, but now he was in a pretty well known band so we didn't get to chill as much as we used to. But last night he texted me to plan a day at the beach! He would be here any minute to start the fun.
I heard a knock at the door, so I grabbed my bag and hopped down the stairs. Jesse was on his bike outside, looping around while he waited for me to get my skateboard.
I rolled after him on our ride to the nearby beach, our not-so-secret "secret" place. When we arrived we set our towels down and started munching on the picnic we had brought with us.
After snacking for awhile, I ran into the rushing water. I sat down in the warm sand and enjoyed the lulling waves. I heard splashing water behind me and just as I turned to look, Jesse lifted me into his arms! I screamed as he ran farther out into the ocean and threw me to the fish. He swam after me so I hurdled water right at his face and before we knew it, we had started a full blown water fight! Water was going in ever direction, in our mouths and eyes, but we didn't care, we hadn't had this much fun together in ages.
We were both out of breath so we both floated on our backs and just chatted, gazing up at the periwinkle sky; the sun had started to go down.
We decided we should head back so we started for home on our "automobiles", but we had switched so I was biking while Jesse was skateboarding. While we rode past all the beach houses, we casually talked about whatever had been happening in our lives recently; we realized it had been way too long since we had properly caught up with each others' lives so I invited him over for a sleepover that he eagerly agreed to.
When we got back to my house, we changed out of our sandy clothes into our pajamas. I put in a movie that we were paying no attention to; we were to engaged in our own conversation. As our voices got quieter and the movie closed, we said our goodnights and quickly fell asleep after our long day at the beach.

Hope you liked the story!
Extra Credit:
*2 Extra Pictures of Jesse

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Brooke / @brookeeex
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Solafa / @sunnycali
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Challenge 2 - Favorite Band Member

Challenge 2 - Favorite Band Member

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