Hey girls, so so so so sorry I haven't made a set in so long. Gawsh. Hahaha okayy. Here we go.

((DISCLAIMER: // I have personally tried all of these lotions, and it is just my opinion that these lotions are about the best you can get just about anywhere [I got mine at Walgreens just cause it' closer than CVS]))

-Lotion No. 1) Aveeno ★ ★ ★ ★:
PROS// I love this lotion for sunburns, itchies, etc because it has oatmeal in it, which btw is so great for your skin! 
CONS// It's a little bit greasy after you put it on though.
Cost: ($11.99 at Walgreens)

-Lotion No. 2) Jergens ★★★★:
PROS// So. Awesome. For winter? A dap of this moisturizer a day will leave your skin warm and glowing.
CONS// (I didn't really have any, Comment them if YOU did though!)
Cost: ($9.50 at Walgreens)

-Lotion No. 3) Johnson's ★★★★★
PROS// I know that it's a baby lotion, but I absolutely love how it smells just like lavender and cammomille. Yummy. It's great for:: after-shaving lotion, everything lol, full body. 
CONS// I guess if you don't like the smell? But who doesn't love the smell of lavender before bed? Idk.
Cost: ($5.30 at Walgreens)

-Lotion No. 4) eos ★★★★
PROS// It's so cute and small enough to fit in your clutch, and it smells really great. Very nice mosterization.
CONS// (It spilled in my purse cause I forgot to close it. O.o
Cost: ($4.40 at Walgreens)

That's all!

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