Lou Baker.

Name: Lou Baker.
Age: 21
Birthday: 17/01/1991
Why they’re at the house: She needed a change.
How long they’ve been there: 1 year
Quote or Lyric: I am done with my graceless heart
So tonight I'm gonna cut it out and then restart
Occupation: Works as a receptionist at Nova 93.7
Bio:Growing up in the northern beaches of Sydney , Lou had a easy life to in the beginning . She went to a good school , had a good friends and started dating her 'loving' boyfriend Cooper in her final year of highschool. Young love was wonderful to Lou and Coop , the pair moved in together while Lou majored in English at the University of Sydney. Unfortunely this where Lou's story gets interesting , one day after a long class of getting lectured on while Shakespeare was the best writer of all time Lou came home to see Coop banging their next door neighbour. Before Coop could even say 'it isn't what it looks like' Lou had her bags packed and was ready to go. After moving back in with her parents for a few months Lou decided it was time for a change. A big change. So Lou grabbed a map of Australia closed her eyes and her finger landed on Perth , so that is where she went.
For a while Lou struggled , She was alone in a new city with no family , no friends and stuck in a dead end job but as it turns out luck was on Lou's side.Through a colleague Lou found out about the boarding house. As soon as that happened life changed for Lou , she no longer works a dead end job but is now a receptionist at Nova who on the odd ocassion gets to talk or sometimes even meet famous people.While she still dreams off becoming an author and eventually being on the best seller list working at Nova is a good half way job,
She has made a few new friends and is actually kinda happy with her life. The only issue is relationships , after the Coop debacle Lou has closed herself of from the idea of romance and love. That's not to say she has been interested in guys , she just never acts on it now because in all honesty who needs all the heartbreak.
Talent/Goal: She wants to be an accomplished writer.
Relationship Status:Single as a pringle.
Model: Mila De Wit.
Taken By:@chrissykinz

three comments

Wrote 4 years ago
@elizabeth-kate yay for Lou being awesome :)
I haven't thought about that yet.

Wrote 4 years ago
She is pretty awesome.
Liam's banging Zayn isn't he? It's canon. I decalre ti so

Wrote 4 years ago
Also i thought the pic of her parents was robbie williams and i was like wait what?
Ok actually reading this nao


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