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A stabbing pain hit my side, and I clutched my pregnant belly. I made my way towards the sofa that sat just feet away from me and collapsed onto it just as another pain hit me. Snatching my phone off the coffee table next to me, I dialed my husband, Louis' number. 


I finished puking into the cream colored toilet and stood up. Frowning, I walked to the living room and collapsed onto the couch, all the while dialing Perrie's number. 
"Hey love! What's up?" Came her cheery voice and I sighed. 
"I think I'm sick, Per." I replied. 
"Why?" She asked, immediately concerned. 
"I've been throwing up, having fatigue, stomach cramps, head ache, back pain, constipation." I replied, and Perrie gasped. 
"Crystal, honey, I think you need to get a test." She said.
"A test...? Wait, you think I'm pregnant?!" I asked, astounded. 
"Crystal, you're having the symptoms. When was your last period?" I counted on my fingers, and then almost fell off the couch. 
"I'm... Gonna go buy... A test..." I hung up on Perrie, tugged on some Uggs and ran out the door to the drugstore. When I arrived back home, I took the test I had bought, and then paced the small bathroom, waiting for the test results. Five minutes later, I was taking a deep breath and picking up the test. With another breath, my eyes were on it, and I gasped. Positive. Immediately grabbing my phone, which sat on the counter next to me, I dialed Louis. 
"Hey babe, what's up?" He asked groggily, and I remembered that it was like four am where he was. 
"Lou, I'm pregnant." 

*flashback over*

"L-Louis..." I groaned, and he chuckled.
"Yes, I can bring home ice cream on the way." He said, and I groaned again.
"No. Lou, it's time." I said. 
"Time...? Wait, your having the baby?" He asked, catching on. 
"Oh my god, I'm on the way home." Ten minutes later, he barged into the flat and easily scooped my pregnant self up off of the couch and carried me to the car. "Breathe, breathe, breathe, okay babe?" Louis said calmly as we drove.
"I'm... Trying..." I panted, followed my a groan. We pulled up to the hospital and Louis jumped out, running to the other side of the car and grabbing me out. 
"My wife, she's gone into labor." Louis said to the lady at the desk, and next thing I knew I was in a wheelchair being pushed through double doors. 

"Louis!" I yelled twelve hours later, taking fast, shallow breaths. 
"I know, I know Crystal." He said, and I opened my eyes, glaring at him. 
"No you don't! You haven't had to have a child before!" I said angrily. 
"One more push, Mrs. Tomlinson." I pushed, and the pain subsided. "Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson, you have a beautiful baby girl." Our daughter was placed in my arms and I gasped. She had her daddy's eyes. 
"What are we going to name her?" Louis asked, and I smiled, a happy tear leaking out of my eye.
"Grace Jay Tomlinson." 

Sorry it took so long!!! 
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Wrote three years ago
thats so cute!

Wrote three years ago
:)) im smilin like an idiot ;))

Wrote three years ago
Aghhh! Feellls! Thank you so much!

Wrote three years ago
my name is grace......

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