I was walking along the edge of the pool, when the lifeguard sitting in the red swim trunks caught my eye. Smiling and biting my lip whilst gazing at him, I sat down on the side of the pool with my friends. 
"Regan, that lifeguard is totally checking you out!!" One of my friends who sat next to me whispered, and I smirked.
"Believe me, I've noticed." I giggled, and she nudged me with her elbow. 
"Go talk to him!!" She said, and I scoffed. 
"And say what? I may be good at distance flirting, but actually talking isn't my best idea." I argued. It was her turn to scoff.
"Regan, just go over there and say 'hi'. Introduce yourself. You are not going to get anywhere in life by being afraid to talk to guys!!!" I sighed. 
"You're right." I agreed, and stood up. 
It was just my luck, that right when I did, my foot slipped, my head hit the concrete edge of the pool, and the world went blank. 

When the world turned back on, I was in a blindingly bright white hospital room with machines beeping around me. 
"She's awake, you can go in." Came a voice in the distance. I pushed myself into a sitting position, and the world started spinning. 
"Whoa, careful there," came a gentle, male voice. A sturdy hand was placed on my mid-back, and the bed sank down next to me. I opened my eyes -I guess I'd closed them when I got dizzy- to see none other than the lifeguard from the pool who had been looking me up and down. 
"I... You... And..." I stuttered incoherently, and he chuckled.
"Yeah, I'm that lifeguard from the pool. I jumped in and rescued you when you fell." He smiled, and I'm petty sure I melted inside. 
"I... I'm Regan," I said. "Thanks for... Saving me." I blushed, and he smiled again.
"I'm Louis, it's a pleasure to meet you, Regan. If only it were under less unfortunate circumstances." He said, and I frowned, the pounding of my head becoming noticeable again. 
"What exactly.. Happened?" I asked, blinking. 
"You fell and hit your head, getting a concussion. I jumped in and pulled you out." He explained, smoothing his caramel colored hair out of his face. 
"Oh.. That's... Embarrassing. Thanks though." I said, sitting back against the pillows on my bed. 
"You're very welcome. Look, I've gotta run, but maybe when you've recovered from your injury you could give me a call and we could hang out sometime?" I smiled. 
"I'd like that." I said, and he smiled, handing me a crumpled sheet of paper with numbers scribbled on it. 
"Bye, love." He said, and left the room. 
"Bye, Louis." I whispered only to myself, staring at the door where he had just been. 
Hope you liked of love!!! 
-Katie xx
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