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Darcy's POV

"LOUBEAR!!!!" I yelled 
"WHATTTT" he yelled 
"I'M BORED!!" I yelled. 
Louis walked over to me. 
" well its about 7:00, wanna go out, we can get the boys?" he said kissing me on the cheek. 
"Sure!!, let me go get changed" I said 

Louis's POV

"Sure, let me go get changed" said Darcy and she went to go get changed. 
I called up the Boys to see if they wanted to go. 
"Hey Haz, wanna go out?" I said 
"yeah sure." he said 
"See you later, are you going to bring your girlfriend or get a new one?" I said 
" Shut Up Lou" he said hanging up. 

I called Liam and Niall
" Hey Niall, do you and Liam want to go out soon" I asked 
"sure!" Niall said 
" ok, see you later" I said 

I called Zayn. 
"Hey Zayn, wanna go out later with the boys and their girlfriends?" I asked
"sure" he said
" See you later" I said
" ok" he said hanging up. 

Darcy's POV

 I got ready in a black and white dress, leather jackets, black heels, and grabbed a bright green/yellow clutch. 

Tonight is going to be a good night. 


Hoped you liked part 1. 
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