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Today is going to be the best day ever. Why you may ask. Well today is the day I get to go see One Direction in concert. The tickets are for front row seats! How my parents got me these tickets is still a mystery to me. All I know is that it was the best gift I've ever got. 

I'm sitting in the front row, the opening act just finished. Now everyone is just waiting for the boys to come out. The screen comes on. They'll be out in 5...4...3...2...1! The boys run onto the stage. "How are you guys doing tonight," Louis says into the microphone. The whole crowd screams. "That's great," he says. He looks through the crowd and his eyes land on me. He smiles at me. 

My heart flutters. No, there's no way he had smiled at me. It must have been the person behind me. Yes. That's it. He was smiling at the person behind me and it just looked like the person behind me. 

***Fast forward to the end of the concert***
"You guys were an amazing crowd," Harry says. "We love you guys." They walk off stage and everyone starts to leave. I start to walk out but I'm stopped by a security guard. 

"May I help you," I say.

"Follow me please," he says. I follow, slightly confused and worried. I realize he's taking me backstage.

"Is something wrong?" I ask.

"You were requested back stage," he says. He leads me to what I'm gonna guess is the boys dressing room. He opens the door and I walk in.

"Um...hello," I say. Everyone looks over at me and Louis has a big grin across his face.

"Hello love. I see you got my message," Louis says.

"Your message?" I say.

"Yes. I requested you to come back stage," he says.

"But why me," I say.

"Because you are absolutely beautiful and I wanted to know your name. Also I want to get to know you," he says. I blush. "Now what's your name love?"

"My name is Ashley," I say.

"Beautiful name. Now don't be a stranger. Come over here and say hi to the rest of the boys," he says. He grabs my hand and drags me over to the other boys.
Hope you like it. Sorry it took so long.
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