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Darcy's POV

Louis and I hoped into the car and headed down to wherever we were meeting. 
"Um, Louis where are we going?" I asked
"umm, some dance club place Harry showed me" he said 
" ok" I said. 
We arrived there and I saw Harry, Niall and his girlfriend, Liam and his girlfriend, and Zayn with his girlfriend. 
" Hey guys" I said 
" Hey Darcy" they said 

Louis's POV

Yep, Harry wants a new girlfriend. Anyway I have something planned for midnight. Darcy and I have been together for 2 months almost and I haven't even had a first kiss with her. I want to make this night special for her and me. 

We all walked into the club and started dancing. Darcy just stood there awkward and walked over to a table. She sat down. Another guy came over to her and I could feel that he was flirting with her. I walked over to the table. 
"Hey Babe, wanna go dance?" I asked interrupting their conversation. 
" Sure babe" she said getting up. 
" can I get your number?" asked the guy
" Leave me alone" she said. 

We walked over to the dance floor, we danced,
So was Niall, Liam, and Zayn and their girlfriends. Oh how knows where Harry is. 
We danced for a couple of hours. It's was almost midnight. 

"Hey Darc, wanna go outside?" I said 
"Sure" she said 

Darcy's POV

Louis and I walked outside to get some fresh air. The moon looked like it was right over our heads. 

" Isn't it beautiful?" Louis said 
" It sure is" I said 
"just like you" he said grabbing my waist. 
He looked at my eyes, then my lips, back into my eyes. He was driving me crazy. 
"Just Kiss Me" I said crashing my lips into his. 
This was our first kiss as a couple. 
It was official 12:00 like New Years in July. 


Hoped you like part 2!!


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