Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Lumineuse GM
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  • Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Lumineuse Tote
    If you're looking for an all-leather LV bag that is both practical and casual yet still exudes a sophisticated appeal, then the Monogram Empreinte Lumineuse would be a great choice. Its an all-arou...
    Of all the Disney Princesses, Ariel was the least inspiring when it came to fashion. The first half of the film saw her swimming around in a couple of clam shells (and the tail really limited her other accessory options). I actually had to look up what she looked like later in the film when she had legs (a green princess dress if you're interested), which suggests her style was less than inspiring. However, if she was to add a bit of style to her look, we'd imagine she'd plump for something a little bit like this Lanvin Art Deco Brass Shell Clutch. It even matches her bikini top! Sure, it might not be perfectly practical for the water, but it makes an eye-catching clutch bag. Pair is with a shimmery, gold maxi dress and minimal accessories for a dramatic look. It's got a princess price too, costing £1,280 from Browns.