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+It All Starts In Sydney
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Name : Louise 'Lou' Daly
Hometown : Dublin, Ireland
School : University of Melbourne
Career : TV Presenter & Radio Host
Likes : talking, cameras, fashion, boys with accents, pumps, a good hat, large handbags, jackets and cardigans, coffee & tea, interviewing, singing in her apartment, music you can dance to, vodka, dresses, jumpers, traveling, a nice rainy day, spending time at the beach, her apartment, meeting new people, books, films, music, public transportation
Dislikes: smokers, hard core drugs, being late, snow (the times it snowed in Ireland), being sick, liars, cheaters, spiders, being alone, discussing her personal information to new people, cars
Bio: Louise was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. As she grew up, Louise thought she would never move away from Dublin. Dunlin was a beautiful place to live, with all her friends and family living near by, and it was a big city. Louise always pictured herself on some Irish TV show, then going home to her apartment where she lived with her husband, and hanging out with her friends and family on the weekend. That picture shattered the day that Louise's parents got into a car crashed whilst sliding on the snowy roads and didn't make it. Louise moved in with her Aunt and Uncle a same town outside of Dublin and that night she started looking into universities far away from Dublin. The day she got her acceptance letter from the University of Melbourne, Louise promised to never return to Dublin.
Once Louise arrived in Australia she returned to bubbly and social person she was before the accident. She made friends, had a few flings, and studied her butt off. She wanted to make her parents proud by moving on and pursuing her dream job. After graduating, Louise was given a small job at a radio show in Sydney. As the years has gone by, she has moved on from that little show and now is a TV presented and a well know radio host. While Lou has achieved her dream career, she has however given up looking for her Mr. Right. Losing her family, Louise has many trust issues and fears that she would lose another loved one. Since then Lou has not been in a real relationship and doesn't plan on it, but what if Mr. Right comes looking for her?
Relationship Status : Just some casual dating.....
Model : Terra Jo "TJ" Wallace (Nasty Gal Model)
Taken by : @mademoisellecharlotte

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