Love isn't no regrets. It isn't always perfect. It isn't always beautiful. Love isn't always what we expect. Love isn't always what we want. It's ugly sometimes. But...when we have it, well, it's something special. It's one-of-a-kind. Love's when you stop and say, "Wow. That person really gets me." Love, is real. It's big and infinite and it goes on forever and ever. It's when you're laughing too hard to care what the world thinks even though there's chocolate milk coming out of your nose. When you have someone whose shoulder you can cry on. When your favorite song comes on the radio and you start singing even though your voice is bad and someone else joins in and sings with you all the way until the end of the song and you keep singing the song after because it turns out that it's their favorite song too. Love is when you're little and you just keep falling off your bike and you think you'll never learn to ride it and someone just keeps putting you back on the seat until one time they let go and you just feel like you're flying. Love is not knowing where to sit at lunch and then seeing someone already looking at you and they've been wondering where you went they're trying to tell you something in sign language that just can't wait until you've got your lunch from the hot lunch lady. Love is laughter. Love can make us sad but in the end love is what makes us happy.
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