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Name: Juliette Seraphina Forrester
Age: 18
Looks: Blake Lively
Bio: The Forresters used to live in Los Angeles, in a huge mansion, bathed in money. Miles Forrester was a huge name in real estate and had started his own business off of rennovating historic buildings into hotels among other things. However, two years ago he died and his company was sold and taken apart. This devastated his loving family, not only emotionally but financially. They had lost everything, so with the remaining money, Natasha, Juliette, and James moved to Italy where they could start over. Now Natasha owns a small, private business with little income, forcing Juliette and James to work.
Family & Home: In between Angelique and Bianchi districts.
Interests: Jules loves the diversity of history and culture among different countries and regions. She also loves music, fashion, and the little things in life.
Personality: Juliette was the carefree, fun, and caring girl next door everyone loved and wanted to be around. She lived for parties and hanging out with friends, but then her father died. Now she has a more real sense of responsibility and is more serious and reserved. She's compassionate and genuine in wanting to help others.
Clique: Bambinas
Hobbies: Working, sports, curling up with a good book, and exploring the Italian cities and Tuscan countryside.
Goals: Juliette has always wanted to be a writer and director, maybe even own a business. She has big dreams to take the business and media worlds by storm but now she's not sure if she'll ever get to accomplish them.

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