You and your best friend are getting ready to go to the mall on a cool Saturday afternoon.Your friend is waiting downstairs waiting for you. you grab a dress and a jacket with some boots and your bag.You do a lil bit of make up and and put random accessories on. You head downstairs where your best friend is waiting for you.You two catch a bus and head to the mall. *HOURS LATER*
After all that shopping with you best friend, you two head to Starbucks and order smoothies.Your friend buys herself a Strawberry Banana smoothie. You get yourself an Orange Mango smoothie. As your taking your money out to pay for your smoothie you notice a dark curly haired boy starring at you with his shiny brown eyes. You cant help but blush and manage to show a lil smile. You pay for your smoothie and get you change back. You get a receipt and you look at it as you head back to your seat where your best friend was. That boy that was starrin at you gave you his number and wrote a little note. " Hey i couldnt help but notice you i'd really like to hang out with you sometime" - Harry<3 " this had made your day. you and your friend went to your house....... LIKE IF YOU WANT ME TO CONTINUE <3

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