lol i never post 

all i really do anymore is school work 

if you were wondering, no I'm still not over that boy from the grocery store, and i still haven't spoken to him!!!! go me. I scribble anti-anxiety sigils all over myself before i go there now in hopes that I'll speak up or something but i never do. 

it's almost valentines through, which is fun. i love it even though I'm perpetually alone. it's cute and pink and smells good, so how can i not love it?

aside from that i started watching ncis from the beginning. if you couldn't guess from everything about me, I love abby. In the words of my mom she's gothy and a forensic scientist, so she's just like me. Plus thackery binx is in it which is all the more reason to watch it

I'm stressing really hard about graduation lol coming up with plans for afterwards is daunting but exciting. 

okay i know im three months late to the craze but im finally playing mystic messenger and i love it,,,, i wanted seven originally but then i found out you can only access him through deep story mode so now im going after yoosung ,,, have any of u played it?? who did u go with the first time around?? 

idk i dont think i have anything else to say. in all honestly I'll probably delete this at some point lmao 

see ya

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