Love---> lOve-->loVe(art ot fashion)

any-set about loveee..........ho0ohoo i miss u my friends..and i luv u all..loool..u know my friends i am single..n' very happy caz am singleeeeeeee..i luv being freeeeee....but this time...there is a guy..that i really like to see him..i don't want him...i don't want to be his gf...looooooooool..but i feel happy when i see him.....when i watchin' him walking..talking..smiling looooooool...when i'm with him..i can't stop looking @ him loooool..but i want to stay 'single+free 4ever looooooooooo..that's why i want a sets about luv..luv u allllllll..kisses

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