california//rogue wave

Stella Rowan Matthews
Age- 21
Hood- Cobble Hill, Brooklyn
Style- Totally Indie. Rayban Wayfarers, Bowler hats, House of Holland Graphic tees, Inspired by Street Style of Manhattanites.
Icon- Agyness Deyn, Kate Moss, Erin Wasson
Music- The Breeders, Kasabian, Rogue Wave, Sonic Youth, The Like, The Filthy Youth
Food- Chinese, Hagen Daaz, and Bud Light With Lime
School- SCAD
Background- She loves renting a movie and chillin with her boo, but when a party pops up shes all over that! She works hard, and reads a lot of fashion magazines! She’s a smoker and is not trying to quit.
Model- sasha pivovarova 
Internship- 3.1 phillip lim

{1} Why should you be chosen to play this character? 
i think i should be this character because i feel she fits my personality. i dress very similar to her, i love the indie style. i also love the character and her qualities. she loves to party and has never experienced true love, which would be something cool to explore with her. the smoking also gives her a 'i don't care' feeling, which would open doors for her character. her love for fashion shows she can love, even if it's just clothes.
{2} Are you in any other roleplays? If so, which ones?
no, i felt that other roleplays were not interesting enough. i think that big apple interns is an interesting roleplay with a good plot. the plot will help me write even better than i can.
{3} Are you willing to be committed to Big Apple Interns?
{4} Do you feel you can stay true the character as written?
yes. i adore her life and style. she has so many things that she needs to concur in her life and so many doors left open she hasn't even discovered yet.
{5} What internship would you like to have?
i would love to have an internship with 3.1 phillip lim, if i can. i know it wasn't on the list, but i would really appreciate it.
{6} What model are you going to use (if you choose to use one)? 
sasha pivovarova
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