"you can choose who you give it to,
but you can't choose who will give it to you

and you simply can't write back to everyone,
cause that would leave you so confused and harshly judged."

letters - matt corby.

~marries matt corby~
sorry katie-kat he's mine mUhahHHAuh.

any one an essendon supporter? let's go and sob together in a corner.

aloha polywhores. 
and i say that with extreme affection because i love you~

there's something about green/naturey sets that i love. it's so fun making them.

whoever invented soft centre cookies:
i thank you with my whole life. you know exactly what i'm looking for in a biscuit. you stole the idea right out of my head.

hi @lexuslou i miss you. <3 
and @um-jenn hi i just wanted to say hi. <3

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