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1. Your OTP? 
Jong-Bin. I swear they're real.

2. Favourite crackship and why?
i don't even realize it if i had made any crackships before. so SKIP!

3. Stripes or damask?

4. Would you rather touch a snake or a spider?
i love spiders. and i'd rather jump out from a plane than touch a snake.

5. If you're stuck in the Volturi world, who would you end up dating?
GASP - TWILIGHT /shudders. I only watched Part 1, then I got turned off by the whole thing.

6.Who would you marry in a heart beat, tony stark or bruce banner? 
tony stark. 

7. What's the pastry that you always choose?
i don't know. i always get impulsive when i am around cakes and breads and all that. but i always end up buying those that are too pretty to eat.

8. What would your reaction be when you wake up being draco malfoy's sister tomorrow?
AHHHH!!!!!!!!! /runs away and hides from the world forever.

9. Carrie Bradshaw or Becky Bloomwood?
can i just choose to raid their wardrobes instead?

10. If you get to go back in time, which period would you choose and why?
80s. Everything cool was invented in that period - Nintendo NES, Madonna and Star Wars.

11. Cheesecake or Chocolate lava?

my questions:
1. justin bieber or john mayer; who'd you rather be with if you're stranded on an island?
2. the song you'd like to play at your wedding?
3. sneakers or heels?
4. the last item you bought (clothes, food, et cetera)
5. watching a movie or reading a book?
6. if you could have a famous celebrity's face, whose shall it be?
7. what's worse - dreaming of being naked in front of a crowd or watching a crowd of naked people in front of you? (yes i realize this is such an odd question - deal with it.)
8. the last song on your playlist.
9. scented candles or potpourri?
10. pandas or koalas?

& i shall do the honor of tagging thou...

@barbarela11 (i love how you always comment on my sets - thanks! - but would love if you would do this)
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