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Top Set for Aug 20th, 2012 - thank you so, so much @polyvore!!! ♥


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So, I was tagged by @hijabikebabi in her ew set, seen here:

So I just need to tell you ten things I love :D
But I'll make it short :D

1. I love to laugh with my friends. 

2. I love the fresh air after a big thunderstorm.

3. I love good food.

4. I love art. Not just paintings, but also - for example - inspiring photographs and...let's call it crazy art like you see it here: 
A dutch artist downloaded 1 Million pictures from Flickr and yes...they are now in our art hall :D I looked at so many pictures and a lot of them were so beautiful, that I were really, really impressed. Even when it just was a mother with her child or something. Uhm yeah, I just love photographs :D

5. I love music (I know it's also a kind of art, but doesn't matter)

6. I love it when something goes right. Like the way I wanted it. Unfortunatley that doesn't happen so often :'D

7. I love it to be on a night flight. Okay, I just was once, but it was so amazing. We started at like 5 pm or so and then there was the sunset and the sky was so red that it looked like it was burning (it's a shame that the windows were so dirty -.- it got even more red later). And when it was dark we flew over cities and I mostly remember Madrid and the landing in Hamburg. It was so, so great!

8. I love it to be really overwhelmed :D When I was on the Pico del Teide it was so great. I think I never was at such a silent place. I went a lil faster, so my mom was far behind me and at some point I just sat down and enjoyed the few over the clouds and the whole landscape. The only think that was annoying me were the children. They destroyed it a little. 

9. I love my room. Because it's my safe place. Sounds stupid, I know. 

10. I love everyone, who actually likes my sets and takes the time to write beautiful comments or maybe even writes me a PM. I never thought that I would have
1.096.574 set views
26.920 set likes
1.128 collection likes
250 template usages
someday. That's amazing and I guess it's time for a big thank you again, so THANK YOU!

I gotta add an 11. Because I just like this number a lot somehow :D

This actually got longer than I thought xD

Uuuuhm Maleeha, you already tagged the people I planned to tag when I was reading your super long and awesome description (HOW COULD YOU?!), so I'll tag 


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