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cersei lannister / game of thrones
cgh's kiss or be kissed party
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Wrote 5 months ago
i love the outfit, it seems very royal. :p
i would choose the first ring along with the marchesa clutch.

Wrote 5 months ago
this is soo beautiful i love the jacket
and the third clutch

Wrote 5 months ago
..i thought she would be wearing all three rings.
anyhow, the third ring and the second or fourth clutch.

Wrote 5 months ago
this outfit is beautifully spruced with its accessories. i think you should go with the fourth clutch, the mcqueen, so it would not feel like there's /too/ much going on.

Wrote 5 months ago
its updated!! tbh i like the second clutch, its appealing to me and the first ring, and definitely the earings. i think they would suit flo but that's my opinion. xD xx

Wrote 5 months ago
@avie4eva yeah haha poly takes awhile to update collections its annoying. xDDDDDDDDD awh i don't alway think i'm very helpful :P I CAN NEVER DECIDE THINGS. that's what friends are for ;). lots of loveeee. xD dani. xx

Wrote 5 months ago
@dreams-and-tranquility-xox thanks love, but i've updated the collection. for some reason it's not updated for you? maybe check back soon?
but you're helpful. i like opinionated people.

Wrote 5 months ago
tbh i can see flo wearing the first one, but i could see her wearing the second one but i think that maybe that it has too many sparkles? i think i'm going towards the first one a little more, but it is a tinge formal and flo isn`t exactly that. xD sorry i'm like not really helpful xD xx

Wrote 5 months ago
@punk-is-not-dead @hydrargyra @attitudediva @fashion-outfit @avrilrocks2000 @slytherintomypantsdracomalfoy @dreams-and-tranquility-xox
i'm having such a hard time with this. i'd really like this outfit to remind people of cersei lannister (who flo and i both love) and have it emit opulence, regality, and medieval like vibes without being too formal (which it is right now imo). any tips you could give me or choices that you'd recommend?

Wrote 5 months ago
@hydrargyra i know the alexander mcqueen is so gorgeous, like what even i just can't
@lesforlana thanks elayna, just worried that i'll make the outfit too boring. :$

Wrote 5 months ago
third one dubsjmngkixd

Wrote 5 months ago
number three ma lord!!1
*holds up the number two*

Wrote 6 months ago
important job you know, opening eyes. ^-^ i'm proud now. xD

Wrote 6 months ago
@punk-is-not-dead @hydrargyra @attitudediva thank you so much. i agree with you now, you guys are like eye-openers ^_^

Wrote 6 months ago
1 and 4 i see mostly bliss wearing them.
3 doesn't scream flo.
but 2 does.

Wrote 6 months ago
1 and 4 are just a little... much. idk i feel like the modern lines add a cool effect but they're just, i feel like they're a bit off however gorgeous they are. i really like the tightness of 3 too but i'm not sure about the long sleeves, it's like trying to expose skin yet remaining conservative, i feel like it doesn't match the party theme much.
number 2 however, is gorgeous, and i really like it.
i see flo without sparkles.
the image with the sparkles is better though, either way it's flawless. *-*

Wrote 6 months ago
no sparkles, in my opinion. too dressy for a nightclub party, especially one like this. ^-^

Wrote 6 months ago
@punk-is-not-dead i don't blame you, i have trouble imagining #1 and #4 myself too tbh. the dresses were just too gorgeous to leave out. ;-; sparkles or no sparkles?

Wrote 6 months ago
#2 tbh.
i just can't see flo in any of the other ones, dunno why.


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