Omg. So my mentor got accepted at Vanderbilt full-scholarship but apparently got waitlisted at Northwestern XD ! God thinking about my own college plans gets me queesy. Oh well, I cross my fingers and hope for the best.

I'm also taking a stupid statewide test tmrw -,- And that brings me to the reason why I despise attending a public school. Everything we learn in class is based on this exam, and the exam isn't even that hard to pass. Well, I suppose in private school they'll still base alot of their classes on the SATs and AP exams, but they'll provide you with more of an in-depth education. 

Anyways, I was daydreaming nonsensically about my future room plans. My family might be moving this year. The current room I have is shared by my sister and it's so tiny. :( Also my house is soooo fricking noisy. My sister is always blasting her stupid music full volume, and my brother pounces on the furniture and makes elephant noises o-o. And my grandpa, who watches TV in the living room all day, has the stupid sound waves traveling in all rooms of our house. I get NO privacy whatsoever, which really bugs me because I like alone time. My dream room would consist of not only peace and quiet and a place to retreat, but also...
- Light blue or crisp white or light yellow walls.
- Nice lighting. Not too florescent, but not too dim. Little white Christmas lights strewn all over my room.
- A big, organized desk to work on with an atlas placed on the top of it. 
- A comfortable queen-sized bed with floral bedspread with lace accents.
- A bookshelf pilled with all my favorite novels and CD albums and anime figurines
- A big window with light blue curtains.
- A furry white rug.
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