Top set for Feb 2nd, 2013
Thanks a lot, @polyvore! ♥♥♥

I was tagged by @lizasamoylova . Thanks, dear! ♥

So, this is the tag:
1) Best friend on Polyvore:
Oh, there are a lot of them, but I'll say @gagarose , @biljanamilenkovic , @magic-789 , @sssdmr , @iluvatar , @kenguri , @sawe and the last but not the least @iloveyoudd . ♥
2) Can you remember your last dream?
Yeah, it was pretty weird. I was in the cinema with my aunt and before the movie, we were sitting in a cafe where was a waiter who looked totally like Kurt Cobain.
3) 3 places you would like to go on vacation:
Seychelles, Kenya and South Africa. :)
4) Do you like chocolate?
No. I adore chocolate! ♥
5) what do you notice first on a boys face?
6) do you like rainy or snowy days more?
7) what is your favorite 4 legged creature
dogs. ♥
8) do you like spicy food?
yes, but not a lot.
10) what was the last movie you watched?
"Parental Guidance". I didn't like it very much, so tomorrow I'm going to watch "Anna Karenina" in cinema. 
11) What music do you like?
Rock, Metal, Grunge, Punk... And a bit of House. :D
12)3 favorite foods:
1. Pasta (tortellini, ravioli...)
2. Pancakes with Nutella,
3. All kinds of fish.
13) Do you like to shop?
Yes, I love to shop! ♥
14) Whats your middle name?
I don't have it.
15) Favorite fruit?
Strawberries and watermelon.
16) Have you ever gotten detention?
Not really. I was always smart enough to avoid them! :D
17)Celebrity idols:
I don't have a celebrity idol.
18) How big is your bed?
Big enough for me. 
19) Have you ever cried during a movie?
Yes, I always cry when I watch "Marley and me" or any other movie in which an animal dies. :(
20) if you were stranded on a desert island who would you want to be with?
My friend from childhood, who's like an older sister to me, because we never have a boring time when we are together! :D

You can do this tag if you want... :) 

Love, Milica ♥
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