Top set for Feb 2nd, 2013
Thanks a lot, @polyvore! ♥♥♥

I was tagged by @lizasamoylova . Thanks, dear! ♥

So, this is the tag:
1) Best friend on Polyvore:
Oh, there are a lot of them, but I'll say @gagarose , @biljanamilenkovic , @magic-789 , @sssdmr , @iluvatar , @kenguri , @sawe and the last but not the least @iloveyoudd . ♥
2) Can you remember your last dream?
Yeah, it was pretty weird. I was in the cinema with my aunt and before the movie, we were sitting in a cafe where was a waiter who looked totally like Kurt Cobain.
3) 3 places you would like to go on vacation:
Seychelles, Kenya and South Africa. :)
4) Do you like chocolate?
No. I adore chocolate! ♥
5) what do you notice first on a boys face?
6) do you like rainy or snowy days more?
7) what is your favorite 4 legged creature
dogs. ♥
8) do you like spicy food?
yes, but not a lot.
10) what was the last movie you watched?
"Parental Guidance". I didn't like it very much, so tomorrow I'm going to watch "Anna Karenina" in cinema. 
11) What music do you like?
Rock, Metal, Grunge, Punk... And a bit of House. :D
12)3 favorite foods:
1. Pasta (tortellini, ravioli...)
2. Pancakes with Nutella,
3. All kinds of fish.
13) Do you like to shop?
Yes, I love to shop! ♥
14) Whats your middle name?
I don't have it.
15) Favorite fruit?
Strawberries and watermelon.
16) Have you ever gotten detention?
Not really. I was always smart enough to avoid them! :D
17)Celebrity idols:
I don't have a celebrity idol.
18) How big is your bed?
Big enough for me. 
19) Have you ever cried during a movie?
Yes, I always cry when I watch "Marley and me" or any other movie in which an animal dies. :(
20) if you were stranded on a desert island who would you want to be with?
My friend from childhood, who's like an older sister to me, because we never have a boring time when we are together! :D

You can do this tag if you want... :) 

Love, Milica ♥
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Wrote three years ago
@milla-starinac You're welcome sweetie! :)

Wrote three years ago
You have the cut item in my set, just post you mouse on it and save it. :)
Thanks, dear! ♥♥

Wrote three years ago
Wonderful set! <3

Wrote 4 years ago
Thank you so much, hon! ♥♥♥



Me | My style | And I

Me | My style | And I

Hello, lovelies♥
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This group is a place where people can expose all your creations, they can express their ideas and creativity. XOXO Nathalia Scarpelli

Anything and Everything!

Anything and Everything!

This group is for anyone who loves Polyvore! You can submit any type of set you want, art or fashion. Invite your friends to join please!
IMPORTANT: I will not pick sets that are based on templates for the winners of the contests, with the exception of if it is your own template
I will try to have constant contests, so there are lots of opportunities to enter all of your sets and win :) My policy for contests is that no one wins twice in the same contest, so more people win. If you have any ideas for contests (I am always looking for creative contests to make) just message me, @the-girl-who-smiles


Express Yourself Contest! (Anything)

Express Yourself Contest! (Anything)

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1 Week! 12 winners! AND NO LIMIT! FASTER FASTER!!!!!
WE WANT SETS! Life is a mystery and we want to meet you! We wanna people with an attitude! Come on, vogue! Express your style, layout, favourite colors and all your best sets! What you want to express! (Fashion / Art / Interior / Beauty).

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