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Chapter 2:

"God Jessi! You scared me." My mother let out a breath after rushing to the bathroom. "I thought something happened."

"What do you mean? Can't you see?" I questioned hesitantly. Either I was going crazy or..

"Yeah! A little frizzy but you can just pull it into a bun." Mom flashed me a fake understanding smile before leaving me staring at a completely different me in front of the mirror.

I walked up to my room feeling like I was about to explode and looked around. Yes, some things were different. My furniture was the same but my once beige walls were now a salmony pink and my burgundy carpet was nowhere to be seen. "What the hell is going on?" I muttered recalling the pain before I lost consciousness last night and collapsed on my bed helplessly.

As I tried to come up with a thousand different scenarios of what might have happened, I heard the doorbell rang and then my mother called out to me. "Baby, your boy is here. "

"What?" I mumbled panic taking over my body. I wasn't ready to see Steve yet. How could he show up like nothing happened between us? "Mom, can you come here for a sec?" I shouted back my hands trembling.

"What, hon?" She appeared at my door and I closed it dragging her inside. 

"Look mother, this is not funny." I said warningly. "Just tell him I don't wanna see him and explain to me how the hell this happened." I pointed to my hair.

"Jess, stop it. Your boyfriend has been planning to take you to that picnic for weeks and now you're not going because your hair looks messy? This is ridiculous." She pursed her lips with annoyance.

"Fine." I spat out admitting the defeat. I must have been going crazy. "Tell him to wait, I'll be downstairs in five mins."

"Good girl." Mom stroked my hair before leaving me alone in my room and I bit my lip hard not to let out a frustrated groan. I opened my closet to throw on something and almost shouted again. It was filled with clothes that didn't belong to me. Instead of the colorful and cute stuff I liked, this closet had dark edgy clothes with occasional pop of color.

I grabbed a brown and black striped shirt and black ripped shorts remembering mom mentioning about a picnic along with some black ankle boots and checked my reflection. I looked decent, not perfect but it was the most I could do with that items.

As I descended the stairs, my mind was going crazy with a million questions. It was like I woke up to a completely different life, some things same but most of them different. How could something like this be possible? Maybe Steve could give me some answers.

"Wait! What about the boutique?" I asked mom suddenly remembering my job.

"What boutique?" She shot back making me groan mentally. "Oh, did I promise you to go shopping together? We can go tomorrow honey."

"Okay." I surrendered knowing that I couldn't learn anything about my mother. "See you later mom. Love you!"

"Have fun Jess!" She shouted after me and I shut the front door behind me staring at the car waiting for me in front of the house.

Strangely, it wasn't Steve's car. In fact, I was sure that I was seeing that car for the first time in my life. I just stood there not knowing what to do until someone stepped out of the car and maybe for the hundredth time that morning, I almost passed out from shock.

x x x x x

"What are you doing here?" I croaked out squeezing the straps of my purse until my knuckles turned white.

"You forgot?" Tanner asked looking at me with a strange expression. He was a bit different from the Tanner I knew like most of the things, his body was a bit more built and his blonde hair was longer than normal but his face was the same.

"I can't believe it." I gushed out while following him to his car. "That new me is just so stupid. How did I agree to go out with you again?"

Tanner rolled his eyes and told me things I wasn't expecting a bit. "Come on Jess, I've paid you. You can at least stop complaining, it's only for a couple of months."

"Come again?" I shouted as he started the engine. "I'm pretending to be dating you for money?"

"This is getting old." Tanner commented not even sparing me a glance and lit a cigarette making me turn my head and took in his appearance fully for the first time since I got into the car with him.

This was definitely not the popular jock I knew. This Tanner was way different and apparently I was too. As far as I could recall, I wasn't someone to date a guy for money and Tanner was gay?

"I know why you do this." I blurted out quickly. I was apparently in Twilight Zone now and it was time that I took control of things. "I know your little secret Tanner. You're gay."

The car came to an abrupt stop in the middle of the street and I felt Tanner's burning gaze on me. "What? You think I'm gay?" He repeated in utter shock. My eyes met his instantly and I saw that he wasn't pretending. He was really surprised, which meant that he wasn't gay or maybe he wasn't gay yet.

I quickly evaluated my choices in my head. I was either dreaming, crazy or somehow I had died and found myself in a different world, like another reality. No matter which one was true, I still needed to talk to someone and learn about my so called new life. Since the only person I had was him, I had no other opiton but to trust the guy who went behind my back with my boyfriend, or ex boyfriend I should say.

"Tanner." I muttered averting my gaze from his blue eyes. "I don't think we should go to this picnic thing. There's something I have to tell you."

Tanner was obviosuly mad at me for calling him gay because he pretended that he didn't hear me at all and kept driving.

"Just take me somewhere we can be alone. Please. This is important." I pleaded not backing down from my decision. "Please."

"Fine. But then we're going. My parents are dying to meet you." He answered impatiently and made a sharp u-turn. I was meeting his parents? Well, that could have been a problem for me if everything was normal but I had much bigger problems now. And the most important one is: How could I tell him without making him think that I was crazy?

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