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Enough rambling, here's chapter 3 of this lovely story :p

Chapter 3:

"Talk." Tanner commanded after stopping the car in the middle of the woods. A part of me was scared of being alone in the middle of nowhere with a guy I barely knew but I could only sit back and trust him.

"Yesterday night I found out that my best friend encouraged my boyfriend to cheat on me." I started looking out from the window. "Then I went to his house to face him and instead of finding him there alone, I caught him making out with another guy. I stormed out of his house and I think I got hit by a car and then I woke up to this sh.itty world."

"Nice dream. You can turn it into a teen novel." Tanner said sarcastically but I cut him off.

"The guy I caught my boyfriend with was you." I slowly turned to Tanner with a dead serious expression and caught him staring at me in disbelief. "And I'm not joking. This wasn't a dream Tanner. Until today, I was living a different life where I had dark brown hair, was best friends with Cheryl Richards and Hannah Stone and dating a closeted gay unknowingly."

Tanner just gaped at me before talking. "Tell me you're kidding."

"I am not!" I yelled furiously letting all out. "That's the problem. I have no idea what's going on! I don't even know anything about this life! Everyone's acting like it's just an ordinary day but it's not and I think I'm going nuts."

"Jess." I looked away from Tanner's face feeling ashamed. I knew that I really sounded like a crazy person and he probably thought the same way because even though he tried to hide it by moving so slowly, I noticed that he was about the lock the doors.

"No!" He shouted after I opened the passenger door and ran away for my life into the woods. I had no idea where I was going but I had to keep running as I could hear him follow after me. I was an idiot for trusting him. If someone told me a story similar to mine, I'd think they were crazy too.

Thanks to my stupid chunky boots, Tanner caught up with me not long after and lunged forward, knocking both of us to the ground.

"Jess." He said as I wriggled under him to make another escape. "You need help."

"I was hoping you would help me." I admitted pushing him off me but it was no use. He was stronger than I thought.

"Stop acting like a manica b.itch!" He shouted pushing himself up easily and extended his hand to help me get up. "You wanna get lost here , then fine. I'm not gonna run after you for a second time."

I eyed him suspiciously and took his hand pulling myself up. "You were locking me in your car stupid. Did you want me to just sit back and wait?"

"Because you're crazy! I was aware that you had some problems coping with your father's departure but this is pure madness. " Tanner shook his head glaring at me.

"Shut up! I'm not crazy." I merely muttered before turning around and walked to the opposite direction. My father couldn't have left. He loved my mother too much for that. "I'd rather get lost in the woods than listening to your bulls.hit."

"Then prove it." He challenged me in a cocky tone. "Prove me you're telling me the truth and I'll believe your wacky story. Simple as that."

I spun around immediately. Although almost everything was different now, I was sure that deep down all those people in my life were the same. I was certain that Steve and Tanner were gay, Cheryl was a backstabbing s.lut and Sara was a druggie."Fine." I met his gaze confidently. "I'll show you I'm not making this all up."

x x x x x

"Let me get this straight." Tanner chuckled. "You were dating Steve and he was cheating on you with me because we were both gay. And Sara was the town h.oe and Cheryl, your best friend told Sara to sleep with Steve because she was in love with me and wanted to keep me to herself."

"Yes." I sighed out impatiently. "Stop being so thickheaded. I've already told you all these."

"I'll tell you what happened between you and Sara last week. She told you you were going to burn in hell in the hall because you were wearing a shirt that showed your stomach and then you both got detention because you attacked her and it turned into a catfight. Sara is the most religious girl I've ever known. There's no way she's doing drugs." Tanner stated raising an eyebrow. "And Steve is dating Cheryl, who happened to be a good friend of yours until recently. He's not gay and Cheryl doesn't seem evil to me. Actually, I can't know that because girls like her stay away from me, which makes it impossible for her to have a crush on me."

The news of Cheryl and Steve being an item slightly crushed me but I kept my face emotionless. "Wanna bet?" I asked Tanner without losing my confidence. I could sense that in this life or whatever you call it, Steve was using Cher as a cover instead of me. I pushed away the burning questions about why I wasn't friends with Cher anymore or why girls like her stayed away from Tanner away from my mind and focused on my task instead.

I got up from the ground dusting off my shorts. "I told you I was gonna prove it. Since it's the most simple one, we'll start with Sara." 

"And what? Ask her if she's doing drugs?" Tanner questioned incredulously. 

"No." I informed him with a challenging smile. "We're breaking into her room."

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