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//Before the new chapter, here's a recap:

Jessi Bowens was hit by a car after she caught his boyfriend with another guy from their school named Tanner in bed. The next day, she opens her eyes to a completely different world. In this world, she's pretending to be dating Tanner for money. Tanner thinks she's crazy after she shares her story with him but she has no other person to help her, so Jessi decides to show Tanner she wasn't making it all up by first proving him Sara Townsend is a druggie under her overly religious facade. //

Chapter 4:

I was expecting a gasp, or a shocked look from Tanner but he shrugged as if he broke into places every day. "Doable but I don't think we'll find something." He said surprising me even more.

"We will." I tried to appear confident. I had to somehow prove Tanner it wasn't just my imagination. I had to convince him to help me, otherwise I had no idea what to do.

"Okay then, I'll cancel the picnic and then we can grab a bite before heading to Sara's place." Tanner laid out our plan quickly.

"Wait." I spoke out my thoughts. "Why are you acting like you always do this kind of thing?"

He laughed giving me a look. "I can't decide whether you're crazy or you're just pretending." He stated searching my face for a sign and I looked away feeling suddenly self conscious.

"I changed my mind. I don't wanna know." I shook my head hopelessly. "There's so much I don't know that it doesn't feel like my life anymore."

After that, I turned around and made my way towards the car. "Tell your parents I'm sick or something. I promise to meet them another time but today, I just can't pretend."

He didn't answer but I knew that he was going to help me without asking any other question, at least until we get tonight's event done.

x x x x x 

I played with my food uncomfortably, avoiding to look up from my plate. Afters sorting out our plan, Tanner and I had decided to eat breakfast but to our luck, a couple of girls from Cheryl’s group were also there.

I knew those girls, they used to follow me, Cher and Hannah everywhere. I guess they had finally gotten the priviledge of being Cheryl's little slaves. They stared at me and Tanner often and whispered frantically to each other.

"They are talking about how hot I look today." Tanner cracked a joke and for the first time, I looked up and smiled.

"You should stop listening to rumors." He advised dragging his chair a little back and turned his back to me to give the girls a glare that shut them up immediately. "Unless you wanna have a good laugh." He added calmly.

We spent the rest of the day wandering around, usually silent. I had too many questions to ask but a part of me still believed that it all was a bad dream. I decided to wait until we searched Sara's room and kept my mouth shut.

We parked in front of Sara's house at eight and started waiting. We couldn't do anything if anyone was home and I had been praying all day for them to go outside. Luckily for me, Mr. and Mrs. Townsend left almost as soon as we arrived.

Sara was still home though. "She won't go out alone after this hour." Tanner said crushing my hopes. "Maybe we can come back tomorrow."

"No!" I objected quickly. I couldn't give up that easily. "Let's wait for another hour."

"Fine but you're buying me dinner after that." Tanner grumbled leaning back and closed his eyes.

I kept watching the house and nudged Tanner after twenty minutes. "Get up! Sara's leaving." I half screamed with joy.

A burgundy car picked her up and we waited until the car disappeared from the corner to get down to the business.

x x x x x

Just like I suspected, Tanner seemed to be a pro at this. He picked the lock easily and we glided into the dark house.

After finding Sara's room, we began searching for drugs or something related. We looked everywhere but couldn't find anything. Her room was actually like a ten year old's room, all pink, girly and boringly tidy.

I kept looking not ready to admit that I was wrong even after Tanner gave up. He patiently waited for me to stop, not interrupting my frantic search. I could have gone on until dawn if we hadn't heard the dangling keys at the door.

"Oh my!" I whispered dropping a jewelry box from my hand with a loud thud. "They are home."

We heard high pitched giggles after the door was shut. It was obvious that Sara's mother could not giggle like that even if she tried to, so it had to be Sara who decided to come home early.

Tanner motioned me to shut up and grabbed my arm, pulling me into the room next to Sara's. I held my breath as we listened to two sets of footsteps climbing the stairs.

"The neighbors totally didn't see us." Sara slurred laughing as a tall guy barely carried her to her room. "They'll think it was a hit and run."

"You're still paying for the damage." The guy said after they stepped into her room. "Damn it Sara, I told you not to drive when you're high. You could have wrecked my car."

"But I didn't." Sara's reply came but I had already stopped listening. Instead, I was staring at Tanner with relief, that meant I was right, that meant Sara did drugs.

"No way." Tanner whispered into my ear after we heard a zipper coming down and the guy's moans filled the air. I made a disgusted face and took Tanner's hand, dragging him out without making a noise. We tiptoed the stairs down and quietly opened the front door before storming outside.

We didn't stop running until we reached the car and Tanner immediately started the engine, driving away before somebody noticed us. 

"No way!" He shook his head with disbelief. "I just don't get it."

"I told you I wasn't lying." I smugly told him, not hiding the grin on my lips. I still had no idea how I ended up in that situation but at least I was sure that I wasn't crazy. "I told you." I repeated.

Tanner failed to say anything back, keeping his eyes fixed on the road. "You have to help me Tanner. You don't even need to pay me anymore. I'll meet your parents, I'll pretend to be your girlfriend, I'll do anything... You just need to help me." I pleaded.

"Call your mother." He responded to my plea. "You're not going home tonight."

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