hi everyone who reads this :)♥

...well i have a tiny big problem, (does that make sense haha) actually my friend does and it's really serious.

One of my friends started cutting! she also died her hair black etc and says that she likes to be emo! I felt awful, she's my friend I don't want her to cut.But by the end of the day half our class knows. 
she doesn't try to hide it ...she shows it to almost everyone and sometimes laughts about it as if it is cool...maybe she wants attention?

she is also very depressed and wants to be alone most of the time and she has problems with her dad :'( 
salat is the only thing she will eat and sometimes not even that ...
 'cause she used to be obese and thinks that not eating will mantain her skinny!

I asked her if she wanted to go with me to volunteer, to get her distracted and help others ♥ and i also gave her a rubber-band ... but she only uses it rare. ANYONE HAS AN ADVISE ETC? 

THANKS :) and have an amazing day. xx
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