Thank you, Polyvore, for choosing this for Top Sets, November 4, 2010!
I was challenged by the fabulously inspiring Mushroom Stew in this wonderful set about "what inspires you?"
What inspires me: 
1. Animals with an indomitable spirit, no matter what they have been through, like this little pit bull named Pinky who showed up at a shelter in the Bay Area with two broken knees. See Pinky's blog "I Am Pink"at Her story truly inspires me and I get tears of happiness every time I read a new Pinky post. 
2. Contemporary art
3. Good writing
4. Nature...I love the scent of a good rainy day.
Now, I challenge:
Sophisty, LiveBlondeorDie, and sunsetdaze ♥ 271289 to create a set with the theme that inspires them.
Then, submit your set here:

I also want to thank Shedgy for sending me a link to the little Betsey Johnson bully dog ring. And to SamAsh for sending me a link to the matching earrings. You Polyvore friends inspire me!
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  • Demigod Nation: Disney Date Night
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  • Disney Descendants OC: Chanel De Vil

  • Button Down
  • Do as You Damn Well Please
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  • ~everyone tells lies, but nothing comes free~
  • ~because it's hard to fly away in a world like this~
  • ~I always fall asleep in the attic, but wake up in the basement~
  • ~and I'm always left wondering~

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  • This is all yours baby!

  • Black and Gold Wedding Anniversary Gifts!
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  • My first 5K--pink face, pink shoes.
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  • Choir concert tonight, wish me luck. :)
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No sets

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  • 8
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  • One Direction.
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  • Marc by Marc Jacobs ♥
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  • Νατάσσα Μποφίλιου !!!
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  • Happy Belated Birthday!
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  • Happy Belated Birthday!

  • #school
  • -team barbie
  • gucci gucci!!
  • #teamsingle

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