I ran up to her embracing her with a soft peck on the lips and exclaiming "I missed you!" Wrapping my arms around her hugging her. She smiled hugging me back "I missed you to" Rose said kissing the top of my head. After a good long hug she asked "So how has you're day been Piper?" Looking down at me with her Hazel eyes. Looking up at her pulling my hoodie more over me starting to chatter "Been good how about you?" Oh I'm sorry I haven't introduced myself, I'm Piper Rockwhell i'm 16 i'm also a girl. Yes i'm a lesbian and dating Rose Vestela we have been dating for a couple months now, and i haven't felt more complete in my life she is my everything. "I'm good also" she said with a chuckle. "Want to go to the park?" I suggested with a nod she answered "Sure the park seems fine" I smiled placing my hands into hers interwining our fingers together walking blissfully walking to the park. Swinging our arms back and forth with a rhrythm. I wouldn't help but look at her again and again she was just beautiful.

Thats part 1
I know its short but live with it
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