Okay, okay, I was bad and I read the plot for Love Never Dies...

Holy crap, this truly is another masterpiece by Andrew Lloyd Webber. 
This die hard Phantom fan can't wait any longer. 
It's not like I plan on flying to New York to see it when it starts in the spring, but I pray that it goes on tour only a few months after it's been in New York. 
The soundtrack is beautiful, and Till I Hear You Sing brings tears to my eyes when I listen to Ramin sing it. 
He pours emotion into the song and it leaps right into my heart.
Sierra Boggess isn't exactly my ideal Christine but she'll do. In Love Never Dies she can't really hit those high notes very well. 

I won't give anything away, but the ending does surprise you. 
While I was reading the plot I think I exclaimed "What!?" about fifteen times. 
I'll just say that Meg's a pschopath, I never understood her as a character anyway. 

I know a lot of people will forgive Christine at last.. for ditching the Phantom for Raoul, but truthfully I never really did dislike her, I Erik is love, yes, but he did kill innocent people. 
I wouldn't exactly be willing to leap into a murderer's arms either. 

Anywho, This is why I love ALW, because he listens to his fans and goes out of his way to make them happy. x)

Yes, there are a few flaws to the musical, some of the lyrics are a bit cliche, and Meg... ugh, she's just a big flaw by herself. I mean the striptease? Come on.. 

Anyway, now I have a reason to say I'm on Christine's side. 
From what I've read and listened to, it's a work of art.
It is most definetly not The Phantom, but it is it's own musical. 

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