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I miss sound of old F.T Island. They debuted in 2007 with 'Love Sick' and it's still one of my fave songs by them:)

I noticed a lot of new groups so I decided to share few tips with new moderators.

Many of us want to start new groups and make their own contest - and this is great! 

First when you create a group you should think what kind of group you want to moderate.
There are few types of groups:
- general - groups with general theme like this one:
There can be various general themes: Asian, kpop or fashion; 

- challenge - there are two types of challenge groups - one with list prepared by moderator [] and second more open, when members create their own list:
In those type of groups, as moderator, you have to reward members for finishing the challenge - by putting their collection in hall of fame [in group description], liking all sets from the collection and encouraging other members to like the set

-battle - there are various types of those groups, generally speaking members either earn points or are eliminated by contests; example here:

-themed - groups with specified theme; in world of kpop it can be group dedicated to one or few bands or to company;
-roleplay - groups for roleplaying; for sets with stories.


The most important part of groups are contests. You should try to make interesting and creative contests.

In case of kpop groups - the worst idea for contest is 'Big Bang' or 'Girls Generation' - people won't create new sets for such contest, just enter some old ones.

Try to be either make contest that are dedicated to current happenings/comebacks/debuts. Great example of such contests can be found here:

or contest that allows members to pick band or idol for theme you give them

In challenge groups - something related to the challenge or its theme. 

Try looking at groups run by experienced moderators and find inspiration theme [but don't copy them! Or at least give them some credit if they inspire you].


Once you have 30+ members in your group you can start creating contests.

Look at this picture:

1. Title - you always have to put some title for your contest
2. Guidelines - here you write contest rules. Write here also about other details, like how many winners the contest will have.
3. Personally I think it's really important to make example set.
4. Here you pick number of winners, duration...
5. You decide who is going to pick winner - you or would you let members to decide. Personally I always decided by myself. Honestly there's not many people who vote and results are far from satisfaction. 
6. This is optional; you can pick featured items. When you pick option no limit then members don't have to create sets with featured items in order to enter the contest.
7. Here you put featured items.
8. You can allow members to submit old sets or only new sets. I usually allow old sets but in case of this contest I want members to make new one instead of just submitting the ones they already made. 

When you click 'create a contest' you still haven't publish it yet! This means only you as moderator can see it. If everything is okay and you don't want to change any rules, click 'PUBLISH CONTEST'


Announcements: use it to remind members how many day left in your contest. It's very important because they see group announcements on their activity page. And you don't want members to miss your contest, do you? :)

Sometimes it's good to make collections with items - like I make collections with screencaps for my Asian MVs group so members don't have to look for MV screencaps by themselves:)

If the contest is more complicated or requires to spend more time on the set you should make 2 weeks duration instead of a week. 3 days is too short for most of the contest! Don't forget not everyone is on polyvore 24/7.

Here are some of my fave contests:
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