[collab with sarah!! I missed drew and spence♥ and you!!]

"Mikayla!" My voice raised instinctively, but it was too late... moments later I listened as the glass came crashing down, a loud smash throwing glass and water to the floor. "F.ck," I groaned under my breath, scrubbing my hands over my face. I opened my eyes again to see both Spence and Mik frozen in place, Spencer's hands still resting on Mik where she had been tickling her, Mikayla's legs suspended right above where the glass had been sitting on the coffee table. 
"Sorry," Mik's voice squeeked as she buried her face in her arms. 
I shook my head, getting up and staring at the mess, just trying to assess how to clean it up.... there were small peices of glass in countless places.
"I'm sorry Drew..." Spencer looked up at me.
I shook my head, scooping up Mik from Spencer's arms and pulling her hands from her face where I saw the tears welling in her eyes. "Hey, it's fine baby."
"It was an accident, I swear."
I nodded, kissing her cheek softly, "I know. It's late... you should be getting your pajamas on anyway."
"But-" She began to object.
"Mik, come on," I gave her a look to let her know that I wasn't budging. She nodded understandingly and with a promise that I would be there in a second she began to walk to her room. I turned back to Spencer, who was already on the ground picking up the glass. I smiled at her... she was so adorable. I grabbed Spencer's hand and pulled her back to stand up as she looked at me. "You don't need to clean that up, i'll do it."
"But it was my fault..." She trailed off.
I shook my head, taking her chin in my hand, "It was an accident," I pulled her closer to me, kissing her lips softly as my other hand wrapped around her petite waist.
“Still…” She pouted, her eyes looking at the mess on the floor. 
I tilted her chin up so she was looking me in the eye,“It’s no big deal. I have a kid baby. Sh.t breaks all the time.” 
“I know but you’re still hurt and…” Ugh.
“I'm not hurt. I'm fu.cking fine," I growled. I was fine now... yet she still didn't think so. It was annoying, to say the least. She acted like any little thing would send me right back to the hospital.
“Well you are fine," She smirked at me, biting her lip and making me forget about what she'd said before. She was so f.cking sexy and adorable and ugh, I loved her.
I smirked, “Oh yeah?” I held her waist loosely, my fingers playing with the bottom of her tank. 
“Especially when you get a little angry."
“Are you going to start making me angry on purpose baby?” I growled against her ear, my hands sliding down ther her perfect a.ss.
She shrugged. “It depends on what would happen next," She said seriously, looking me right in the eye and making me want her... bad.
"Well, if it was right now... i'd probably have some really angry sex with you," I smirked at her as her lips pressed against my neck, kissing it before biting against my skin softly. F.ck she was so sexy.... always. 
Spence pulled away and stared at me with lust-filled eyes, "Maybe I should make you mad right now then..." 
I shook my head, "I don't think you need to make me mad for you to f.ck you." I would always want to have s.ex with Spence... she was like a drug to me. I could never resist her, even at times when I completely needed to... like when my daughter was calling my name from down the hallway. I pulled away from her, kissing her chastely, "I'm sorry... I need to go take care of her first."
Spence shook her head, "It's no big deal. You have a kid baby, we're going to get interrupted all the time," She smirked, using my words on me. 
I laughed, kissing her, "I'll be right back. And leave that mess, okay? I got it."
She nodded as I turned around and walked down the hallway and into Mik's room which looked like someone had thrown up pepto bismol... but she loved it. I took one look at my daughter and laughed again. Her pants were on backwards and at the moment her head was stuck as she attempted to put her shirt on completely wrong. She was getting a hang of dressing herself, but she wasn't perfect at it yet. "Can you help me?" Her small voice called out.
I laughed again as I bent down and straightened out her pj's before getting her into bed and tucked in. I could tell that she was tired instantly as she opted out of a story or tv and asked me to turn out the lamp beside her bed. Soon enough, I was walking back out to the living room, where Spence was now gone as was the mess. I heard a clang in the kitchen and walked in just to see Spencer set the broom down. "You don't listen," I said, catching her off gaurd and causing her to jump before she turned around and smiled.
“Does that make you mad?” She asked, cocking her head to the side and biting down on her bottom lip.
I nodded, trying not to grin. “Furious.” I grabbed her waist, pushing her up against the wall and kissing up her neck.
“My parents are visiting this week," She said, completely catching me off gaurd and killing the mood all at once.
I pulled away, looking into her eyes, “That is so not sexy Spencer.” 
She laughed at my dissapointed expression, “I know baby…..I just……do you want to meet them?” 
I shrugged, pulling away more.“I dunno.” I walked inot the other room, sitting on the couch and turning on the t.v. I didn't want to talk about meeting her parents, because honestly, I didn't want to meet them. I knew they wouldn't like me and it would just screw things up.
Spence trailed behind me and shut off the t.v before sitting in front of me on the coffee table. “If it’s too soon….I mean I'm not forcing you or anything…..” She trailed off, but the dissapointment was evident in her face.
I gave her a small smile, pushing her hair from her face. If it was in any other situation, I would love to meet her parents right now... but not with the type of guy I was. 
 “It’s not about that…..it’s just…..I wouldn’t let Mik date a guy like me. Why would your parents?” 
“A guy like you?” She raised her brow. “You mean sexy, independent, brave, responsible, caring, and amazing?”
"No, I mean a guy who works in the mob, is a corrupt cop, already has a child, is a danger to my daughter, carries a gun around, has a bad temper, and is just a bad guy. If Mikayla ever brought home a guy like me I would throw him out of the house immediately and then ban him from seeing Mik for the rest of their lives," I told her honestly, not even able to meet her eyes. I hated to say that, but it was the truth. I was bad for Spencer in every single way possible. Every second that she spent with me was putting her in harm and that wasn't something that a parent wanted from their daughter's boyfriend, let alone their first boyfriend. 
"But Drew," Spence took her hands in mine though I still refused to look her directly in the eye, "They're not going to know that... at least what's true of that. All they'll see is how amazing of a boyfriend you are and how well you treat me. You are a good person, baby and my parents will be able to notice that the second they meet you."
I shook my head, pulling my hands away from Spencer's. It was just a bad idea all around. "Spencer, all they need to do is google my name and they'll learn who my dad is. That's enough to make a parent hate me."
"So you don't tell them your last name! And if they find out, then we'll say that you have no contact with your dad."
I stood up, walking away as I called over my shoulder, "I'm not going to let you lie to them! Not for me." I walked into the kitchen and pulled open the fridge, grabbing out a beer and twisting the cap off.
"Well, it wouldn't be that much of a lie... I mean, you haven't spoken to him since the accident, right?" Spence came and leaned against the counter in front of me.
I scratched my head. I didn't have the heart to lie to her and said I didn't, when I was already back to work and we had smoothed things over, or rather just moved on and pretended they didn't happen. "I have."
She took a deep breath. “Okay…” She trailed off as she looked out the window, ignoring my eyes. “So then you don’t have to meet them. Can I have one?” She asked, changing the topic as she nodded to my beer. I grabbed one from the fridge and handed it to her. She twisted off the cap and took a long sip.
 “Fine.” I nodded. I hated this awkwardness. “Are you hungry?” 
She shrugged. “Not really.”
“Spencer I hate this. I hate fighting with you!!” I just wanted things to go back to how they were before we had split up. I never even imagined us fighting... and now it happened more than it should have. And even if they were stupid, three minute fights they sucked.
“We’re not fighting Drew. If you don’t want to meet my parents then fine! But they’re going to love you because I love you. No matter what.” 
“That’s not true," I shook my head. I was a parents worst nightmare. “Even if we didn’t tell them anything else we’d still have to tell them about Mik, and that alone is enough for a dad to want to keep a guy like me as far away from his daughter as possible.” 
“Why? Because you didn’t let your girlfriend abort your baby? Or because you got custody of Mik and have been an amazing father ever since she was born? Yeah that sounds like an awful person.” No, because having a kid at such a young age and not being with that girl anymore made me seem irresponsible, dangerous and like an all around bad guy in a parents eyes.
“You don’t understand Spence, you don’t have kids!” 
“My parents are going to be thrilled I'm not a lesbian Drew. No matter who you are," She told me and I couldn't help but smirk, if only because she would be such a hot lesbian... damn. 
“You’re parents think you’re gay?” I asked, smirking even wider as my mind filled with thoughts.
“I'm 24 and I’ve never brought a boy home. I didn’t exactly tell them I was fooling around with my English teacher.” 
“I'm not listening to that, I'm picturing you with another woman," I told her, still thinking about how hot it would be to watch her go down on a girl.
She smacked me, pulling me from my thoughts, “Now if you say that around my parents they might get annoyed," She smirked as I pulled her closer to me.
I set my forehead against hers, "You have to understand that it's not that I don't want to meet your parents because I would absolutely love to meet them, but we're just getting back into the swing of things baby. Nothing's perfect and I can't risk any more problems and I just have a feeling that meeting your parents is going to cause issues for us," I told her honestly. It just scared me, mostly because I knew I wasn't the guy that Spencer deserved and while she might not realize that, her parents would. She was too good for me and all it took was her parents to open her eyes to that and she could be gone at the snap of a finger.
"Why do you think that their opinion will sway me so much, anyway?" She asked, her hand caressing my cheek as she spoke. I hated all this talk...
"Because they're your parents! And anything they'd say would probably be right anyway," I sighed. Parents had good instincts about what was right for their kids... and if they were wrong, they'd still think it was right and wouldn't give up on their opinion anyway. It was a lose lose situation.
"Christopher Drew, I love you and no matter what my parents say, that won't change. Can you please just do this... for me?" She asked, a soft smile appearing on her lips. 
I groaned, "You're killing me Spencer."
"Is that a yes?" She smirked.
"It's an i'll think about it."
She grinnned, leaning in to kiss me softly, "Good enough," A smirk slid onto her face as she spoke, her hands running up my shirt and running against my abs.
“What are you doing baby?” I asked her, though I didn't want her to stop at all.
“Have you ever had a threesome?” She asked, biting her lip and completely throwing me off guard. 
“That is a weird subject change Spencer. Especially from someone who was a virgin last month," I tried to move away from the question, though my head was completely filled with thoughts of having a threesome with Spence now. 
“Is that a yes or a no?” She asked as her body pressed tightly against mine, making me a little harder as her touch mixed with with my thoughts... ugh. 
“It’s an “I'm-not-going-to-tell-you” baby," I leaned into her neck and nipped at it, a moan falling from her lips. I'd had a threesome once before, but I didn't think she wanted to hear that. “Why?” 
She shrugged, “Well you were picturing me with another woman, I was just wondering if you were off on the sidelines watching or if you were joining in," She grinned at me, biting her lip and staring right into my eyes. She was so not helping get rid of the images in my head... f.ck. How was she so hot?!? 
I groaned, “I wasn’t just watching.” 
She yanked at my tee and I raised my hands, letting her pull it off and disgard it. “Well that’s good, it would be a shame to waste a body like yours just watching," She grinned at me and I couldn't resist it as I pulled her into a hard kiss.
 “You are so fu.cking sexy Spence….” I growled, loving the sound of her moan as I spoke. 
“So if you weren’t just watching…what were you doing?” She asked coyly, her hands working on my belt.
 “Are you going to make me tell you all of my fantasies?” I grinned, knowing that the ones running through my mind right now were pretty f.cking dirty.... it was just what Spence did to me.
She nodded, smirking, “Yes.”
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probably :3

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Is that why i fell for you so quickly? :3

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I'm super lovable ;)

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I think she is too... which is rare. She's not a fan of sharing most of the time :3



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